We are a FanFiction podcast trying to reinvent the podfic genre!

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About Fanscape

FanScape is a FanFiction podcast by The InfiniScape Collective that aims to reinvent the podfic genre by changing the way we experience our favorite FanFictions. We are converting authors FanFiction stories into fully voice acted audio drama's, to give fans and newcomers alike a new way to enjoy their favorite characters. 

  • @HeyItsKoe

    I worked with the FanScape team and we've had solid communication for my part on their current project.  That has made my work for the team much easier to do and I look forward to collaborating more with them!

  • @ofallonvoiceover

    FanScapePod by The InfiniScape Collective are great to work with. Talented, enthusiastic, kind and communicative. I'm also very impressed with their professionalism. So thrilled to be part of their project "A Mother's Love - An Evangelion Alternate." Great cast too. Highly recommend!

  • @ofallonvoiceover

    FanScapePod was a pleasure to work with. A true professional producing compelling, entertaining, high-quality quality work. Kind, respectful, communicative and above all incredibly talented. Highly recommend!

  • @lemonxaide

    I am a beginner at voice acting, and they gave me a chance to be on their project and helped give me the boost of confidence I needed! Plus, they are super kind!

  • @lynnva

    FanscapePod is a pleasure to work with. They are professional but friendly, open to suggestions from those they work with, as well as flexible and accommodating when it came to my personal schedule. I'd be happy to work with them again in the future.