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  • Hello all! 
My name is Juneau or you can call me Mischief! I don't mind which one! I am a 19-year-old girl who LOVES anime and manga WAY too much haha! I am very outgoing and can be a bit shy sometimes when it comes to my voice. I am always available via here, but discord is the best way to reach me. Even if you don't want me for a project and wish for someone to talk to let me know!

Some of my interests include:
Voice Acting
Art *I am NOT good haha!
Video Editing *FOR THE MEMES*
And Cosplay *I am a newbie :D*
Contact info!
If you wish to get into contact with me please use my discord because it is the easiest way to get in touch! My discord changes SO much, so it would be easier to join my server.
Right now its: Mischief Mistress#1927

  • @becca_bailey

    Such a talented and kind person to work with and for

  • @alois

    Shes such a loving dad ya know? She makes sure were all fed, cared, and loved man. Shes one of the best directors ive ever worked with.

  • @skyler_akami

    She's such an awesome dad! She's so nice,friendly,fun,and amazing! She's one of the best directors I've ever worked with. Given,I wasn't a voice actor but a writer for them. She is making this project so much fun. She makes sure we take care of ourselves,and we have so much fun and giggles behind the scenes! I really hope when her current ends,that she will make another one. I would LOVE to work with her again!

  • @gravebear

    She is Simply One Hell Of A Voice Actor.

  • @dgw

    My my words cannot describe how talented this voice actress is. She is n amazing person to work with and is incredibly kind and helpful. If you cast this person then be prepared to work with someone who is incredibly talented.