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About Skyler

Hello! My name is Skyler, but most know me as Skye. I am an aspiring writer and artist. I'm quite productive. Scripts and artworks typically take me a few hours to a few days, but never exceed a week. I am still a student, so please keep in mind that will keep me preoccupied at times. However, I respond ASAP. Truthfully, my writing is better than my art, but I am still improving on both. Send me a message if you're considering me for a role in your project(s), and I'll message you my Discord ID.


As I'm still quite new to this, my rates aren't that expensive! My rates start from 15$ per script, it really depends on how long you want them to be and how much your budget is. I'm not as good as other artists, but I'm improving all the time! So for artworks, the rates start from 10-15$. 

What Skyler is looking for

I typically work on projects of fandoms I'm in, or a project that catches my interest and want to help on it. 

  • @juno895

    They aren't a Voice actor, but a SUPER talented writer. I asked her to write a script and man, DID SHE DELIVER! She was super awesome and I LOVED every moment of the script. I am hoping that we can get the project together ASAP and do everything I asked. I can't wait for more to come! Thank you so much, Belle! You are super appreciated!