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Sir Kingpin Monroe

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Mr. Campbell (a.k.a Sir Kingpin Monroe)

A  21 year old former knight who humbly resides to his deck of drawing his wonderful trademark comics to share to the public. He is now a friendly , wise hermit, a long time Sonic fan, Smash Bros fan and a major One Piece fan. He is the one true creator of the fan manga series "Super Smash Bros. Warriors" and overall a very calm and collected individual who wants nothing more than to tell a good story).

He's also very quick to responding messages

And he occasionally do some voice acting here and there.

  • @bella-sapphire

    Sir Kingpin Monroe is a great director who provides good constructive feedback. Also, turnaround time for the Super Smash Bros. Warriors fan comic dub was impressive, and it was a very well–organized project.