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Star Wars Imperial Historian is a Star Wars lore channel shown from the perspective from an imperial, Arthur Prowse, archiving the galaxy covering civilizations, organizations, species, creatures, people of note, recurring technology and historic events.  Please note that most topics will cover canon events to the new timeline to keep hold of the in-universe theme. Star Wars Imperial Historian does not hold ownership of the copyrighted materiel (Footage, Soundtracks, Stills etc) taken from the various works of fiction covered in this series, and uses them within the boundaries of Fair Use for the purpose of Analysis, Discussion and Review.

Previous work that has been listed on this site has been:


July 2020:
Once a prove read and corrections of the scripts has been made there will be a new casting call for a new project.
A six episode series with a large amount of characters with multi episode parts ranging from main, supporting, and minor. Most of the pre-production has already been done. 
One thing that annoys me on this site is projects that never get finished meaning the great work and time voice actors give gets wasted, I detest that and I wholeheartedly guarantee that this WILL be a FINISHED project.
There will be more information on this project soon

September 2020:
Well I said I'd be back, script is on the last stage of edits for the six episode series.
Once that is complete a revised version shall be made to give direction to voice actors for their character. The casting call has not started yet but will in late October. 


Great Auditions :)
on Nov 21

Hello everyone, I just want to say a big thank you for taking the time for auditioning, I’m absolutely loving the takes on the characters. There are so many voices I like, so if you do not get the role you auditioned for you still may get a part for another role in the project. A final decision of the roles will be done after the Deadline of December 1st.

Today is the last day for auditions!
on Dec 01

Hello everyone!
Today is the last day for auditions!
I am excited to say I am very impressed and happy of what I have heard, you have all done a fantastic read on your voice overs. I have made a short list of my favourites of each character and I will make a final decision tomorrow. Some of you who have auditioned for some characters may be cast as a different character from the one you auditioned for as I felt that your voice was better for that role.

Until tomorrow, keep safe and well.

Confirming Casting
on Dec 02

Hello everyone, you have all done fantastic! I have really enjoyed listening to all your auditions.
I am now contacting those who I have selected for the role and confirming the casting, some have been casted for other characters who they did not audition for but I felt they were perfect for the role. So as things stand character roles are open until I have got confirmation from those I have selected.

Over 110 people auditioned for the roles and if I had over 100 characters to give I would do so. You have all done a fantastic job. If there is any pickup or background chatter I need I know great talent is not far away.

on Dec 03

I'm trying to message people to confirm their roles but I am having problems with ccc and it inbox limit. I hope to fix this fast and sort it quick. thank you

Thank You!
on Dec 03

Thank you to all 110+ of you who auditioned, you were all fantastic!
If I could, I would have loved to have you all in the project.
There are a few minor, minor, minor characters who have not been listed on here who need a few lines so I may get into contact with a few of you for those line in the future.
the stormtrooper role remains open at the moment as we will need a few voices to diversify them.

Again thank you all so much, it has been fantastic listening to all of your auditions.

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    SWIH is professional and friendly. The project was well organized and they were very helpful. Everything you would want in a project creator. I highly recommend!