Henry Schultz

Henry Schultz

Hello there! I'm Henry, and I hope my voice makes you happy (:

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About Henry Schultz

I've been voice acting for over a year now, and in that time I've been lucky enough to lend my voice to popular YouTube channels (HaloFollower, Matthew Shezmen, Etoilec1 Animations), video games (Fallout New Vegas: Havasu Blues, Half-Life: Induction), audio dramas (Green Arrow: Year One, Batman: The Killing Joke), and a bunch of other cool stuff! 

If you're interested in working with me, feel free to send me a message!

Also I have a demo reel posted below if you want an indication of my range (:

  • @akarion

    Henry delivered the voice lines for both his roles very quickly, with great quality, and had a good range between the two. Would recommend them for sure.

  • @Wyatt_bowden314

    We met as actors on another project and I was instantly captivated by his talent. A kind and easy going person who is passionate for his craft. After he came to work with me on my own project I got to see even more of his talent and potential. Definitely someone I recommend for any potential role

  • @ryoto

    Awesome client! Would work for again x) 

  • @timerunner

    Henry communicated promptly and clearly what he needed in the casting call and in direct messages. I am excited to see the final project. I would recommend working with him!

  • @ofallonvoiceover

    Henry was a pleasure to work with. He was communicative, timely, concise and readily available for any clarifications I had on the project. He is not only a great director, he is also a talented and skilled voice actor! I look forward to the possibility of working with Henry again in the future!

  • @JasminBartlett

    Henry is incredibly talented in multiple fields! Henry has an amazing vocal range and nailed ALL of the male characters in our work together. Henry is also a wonderful director and producer of comic dubs. I highly recommend Henry and really hope we can work together again!

  • @pedroprovina

    Very talented and professional! Henry has loads of range and is always open to hear feedback on his voices. He is specially good at playing down-to-earth characters with a little charm to them, which made him perfect to play Superman on my Superman & Bugs Bunny comic dub project. He did a great job and I couldn't recommend him enough! 

  • @dhvo

    Henry is an incredibly versatile actor who puts his heart in his performance.