Jeremy Mejia

Jeremy Mejia

Your average 20-year old, lover of voice acting and singing! Oh yeah, I animate to!

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About Jeremy Mejia

Your average 20-year-old, who enjoys creating paper animations and voice acting! 

You need an energetic and quirky male voice actor, I'm your guy! 

I can also do short little paper animations, for silly little segments in your videos! I can supply that for ya!

If ya wanna check out how my animations look like, go check out my Youtube Channel!!


I don't usually charge money; I already enjoy doing this for free!  My payment is bringing the character I'm playing to life!

That doesn't mean I don't like getting paid either! I'll work on any amount, as long as it's reasonable!

What Jeremy Mejia is looking for

I'm looking for projects based off of video games mainly, or even partake in ACTUAL video games!

Project wise, I'm a Nintendo guy, like Mario and Pokemon (As those are the most popular ones) but I enjoy doing other games like Sonic, Undertale, etc.

I'm a good guy for side roles and comedic relief, but I wouldn't mind taking the Main Role every once in a while!

  • @gracetheva

    Let me just start off by saying this...JEREMY IS MY FRIEND, I KNOW HIM!! Anyways, I've been working with Jeremy for almost two years (it will be two years this coming November) and it has been such an honor to work with him! He is such a chill, but also a very energetic guy who has an awesome burning passion for what he does. I've voice acted in a few of his projects before, and I'm SUPER excited to see what he shows me next! Jeremy also does an incredible job with voice acting, I remember hearing his voice acting and just thinking "OH MY GOSH, WHAT??!" He is just THAT great at it. The energy he puts into each character he gets casted as is just so freaking awesome! As Jeremy puts it, if you need an energetic and quirky male voice actor, he IS your guy!

    - GraceVA