Dylan William van de Wal

Dylan William van de Wal

Hiya! I'm a voice actor and singer and I love conveying emotion and concern. I fit well for father characters and narrators, but I love doing psychopaths too. As well as the boy-next-door type. I've loved voice acting my entire life, being able to recognize and imitate certain voices on the fly.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Galeem/Dharkon as Dharkon - Man On The Internet

Klonoa - Baladium's Drive as Baladium - Man On The Internet

Pokemon Legendary Bytes - Black Kyurem as Kyurem - Man On The Internet

Songtober - Fury Bowser as Bowser - Man On The Internet

Songtover - The Skeld as Red - Man On The Internet

Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs as Dad - Baby Big Cheese

Undersong: A Musical Production as Mettaton (in production) - Bem

Video Games

One Piece Funkin' as X Drake (in production) - grace_VA

Final Fantasy IX Voice Over Mod as Baku - Project Terra


My Hero Academia What If had a Decay Quirk series

My Hero Academia What If Had a Leveling Quirk series

My Hero Academia What If Deku had NEN series

Animation and Comic Dubs

Pokemon Scarlet as Brassius - Man On The Internet (In production)

Fantasy Tactics In A Nutshell as Malak - RABtoons

Final Fantasy IV Fandub as Golbez - JoDaSpec Productions

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Fandub as Golbez - JoDaSpec Productions

Fallout Afterworld as Daniel Dawson (in production) - UVD

Inuyasha Manga Dub as Spider Monk - Lighthouse Anthology

Blood+ Abridged as Van Argiano - SlapStix Academy

Demon Slayer Abridged as Sakonji Urokodaki - Team Taisho

Ravager (Minecraft Roleplay) as Winston/Ravager - GJM Studios

Lessons with Final Fantasy VI Comic Dub as King Edgar - Kaori Suzuki

Phoenix Valley | Minecraft Roleplay Series as Henry -GJM Studios

Gravation of Pugatory:VR Chat as Bjorn - Burst

Galax!es as Yasuo - Mudkip1231

Kingdom Hearts 348 1/2 Days Manga Dub as Saix - ShattersofLight

Love Or Lust High as Narrator - SheriB143

Farmer's Tale Of The Three Kingdoms as Shi Lian - Chen Gongtai

The Animated Manga as Void - JGM

Upwood: The Sims 4 Voice Over Series as Townes - dennis

Legend of Dragoon Fandub as Minister Noish - NogardDragNTV

Black Clover Abridged as Captain Jack and Revchi -gooseva

Fandub of Final Fantasy IX as Ticketmaster - Fractured Crystal Studios

That Awkward Magic as Evan - Lunar Rose Media

False Truth as Jorge - GJM Studios

Rocket League Anime: Octane Triad as Taiso Kron - Zack4343

Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair as Byakuya Togami - MariSky

in Your Arms Season 2 as Cooper - Thainmer & Fresherr

Ghost Town as Donat - PurpuraSims

Dragon Ball Arta as Alfon - DBARTA

  • @Maudelin

    I did live directing with Dylan, and it was great. Well, I say live directing, but I really didn't have to do much at all! He did almost every line with the perfect amount of emotion and emphasis immediately, and didn't take much direction to get the rest :D Plus he was a ton of fun to work with, so I would highly recommend! 

  • @joshuaspectorva

    Dylan is such a wonderful voice actor! I worked with him on one of my Final Fantasy Fandubs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ba34l4SOstE). He takes direction well, and is an absolute pleasure to work with! He has a range of voices for various types of characters and is able to deliver his lines with strong emotion. I would 100% recommend him for any casting director! I greatly look forward to working with him again. 

  • @sqchik

    Dylan is an amazing designer! For affordable prices, something truly amazing is possible! As a designer and artist, I recommend him to you :)

  • @smashmaster

    Dylan is the actor you need to have in your projects. After voicing characters for my projects in SM_714 Productions (FFSX Villains’ Visions Audiodrama, Rayman Generations English Fandub and Final Fantasy Versus XIII) and working with him in other projects (Final Fantasy 9 Fandub and others), he is awesome to work with and he gives a phenomenal performance. 

  • @the-yuri-gamer

    Dylan was fantastic to work with. There were no complications, and he expertly carried out the voice I was looking for.

    I am incredibly pleased with the result, and would highly recommend casting him for any projects.

  • @thainmer

    Dylan was on the second season of my project “In Your Arms” and I couldn’t be more thankful to have met such a talented voice actor. He never fails to meet deadlines and always does a flawless job with his voice lines and with participating in creating a community. He is very communicative and open-minded, always nice to everyone and spreading cheer. A wonderful person both professionally, and in terms of personality. I definitely recommend having him on your projects.

  • @mdprime

    Dylan is an immensely talented actor and singer whom I've had the pleasure of working with on a number of different projects. I highly recommend him for any project on account of his range and what a great person he is to interact with.

  • @hungryheracross

    Dylan is a very talented Voice over artist in not just his acting ability, but singing as well. He does such good villainous voices, but I also like his softer roles as well, but either way, he just rocks and gives phenomenal performances every time.