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About Drea


 Hello and thank you for visiting my profile! 

Here are some facts about me so you can get to know me a little better :)
⇢My name is Andrea (she/her), I'm a Mexican Jewish VA!
⇢I'm 21 years old & based in Southern California
⇢I've been receiving training in both acting and singing for basically my entire life (yes, I was a theatre kid.)  

MORE INFO, DEMOS, & RESUME ON MY WEBSITE My website: https://www.andreaaveryvo.com/

I hope to work with you! ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ


Discord: kawowa

Twitter: DreyahVA

  • @deleted18033

    Andrea is an AMAZING actress. Her range is amazing and she emotes SO well it's not even funny. With her new mic, she'll be able to deliver top-notch quality recordings soon enough! I can't wait to see what comes out of Andrea in the future.

  • @ribz

    Andrea is a very talented voice actress that I’ve had the pleasure of working with! She’s very honest, caring, and wants to make others happy with her input and ideas! I hope to work with her on more projects in the future as well! If anyone is considering on casting Andrea, I highly recommend they do!

  • @shippo

    There are not enough words to express how talented of a singer and voice actress Andrea is. Her talent amazes me and the range she gives whenever she records for different characters truly is remarkable! You can really tell how passionate of a person Andrea is whenever she talks about singing or voice acting in general, and not only that, she is kind, funny, a hard worker, and overall a great person. If you're trying to cast other talented voice actresses, cast Andrea and you won't regret it!

  • @souleaterwill

    As someone who has worked with Andrea a couple of times and has talked to her a decent amount, Andrea has left me very impressed! She's funny and super nice! And of course, she's super talented with an incredible vocal range! She has phenomenal acting ability. She's communicative and turns in lines on time. If you're considering Andrea, you will not be upset with your pick!

  • @joefredrick12

    Andrea has to be one of the most amazing people I have met in the CastingCallClub Community. Not only is she remarkably kind and accepting of those around her, constalty encouraging them to pursue their passions as well support their ambitions each step of the way, but she also has one of the most impressive voices I have heard on the site. Anyone who has worked with her will tell you her level of professionalism and quality she brings to the table is remarkable. Don't even get me started on her singing voice as well, that deserves its whole own recommendation. Regardless, any director would be lucky to have Andrea on their team for both the quality of work she brings but the encouraging and kind energy she brings to any social gathering.

  • @sl-wind

    Drea is an amazing person to work with. She is very friendly and can respond to any questions and issues as soon as possible. With her skills in what she does, she is very flexible and provides excellent works. When asked to make corrections, she eagerly gets it done and submits them at the earliest time.

  • @zin39

    I've known Drea for quite some time, in that time I have never met a more devoted and talented actress on this platform. If given the chance, I would recommend Drea to as many projects as I could. They really are just that good, and not to mention a good person. If you have the chance to direct or be in a project with the Drea Avery, I would highly, highly, highly, recommend it.