A Filipino-American voice actress, video editor, singer, and artist who's passionate and flexible with anything you throw at me!

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About ShippoVA

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My name is Shippo, I am an aspiring voice actress that likes to act during her free time! I officially started voice acting around mid February 2021, I love to voice act in several voiceover projects and meet all kinds of fellow voice actors in this community!

For other questions/inquiries, feel free to contact me in Discord, Twitter, or my email!
Discord: shippo#5991 (only available when requested)
Youtube: shippo
Twitter: shippoVA
Instagram: shippova_

If you want to see videos I've collaborated on, here is a playlist to all of the videos I've lent my voice to!

I look forward to working with you ♡

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Rate per word: $0.20
Rate per line: $1.50

*Rates are negotiable, feel free to DM me and we can talk!

What ShippoVA is looking for

I am able to do unpaid, paid, fandubs, and original projects!

  • @ribz

    I can’t recommend Shippo enough as a voice actress and friend! She has so much talent and it’s always a pleasure working on projects with them! Shippo’s also super sweet, hardworking, and passionate about voice acting, so working with someone as amazing as her feels like an honor! ❤️

  • @lostsectionva

    I have worked with Shippo on a good number of projects and every single time she never fails to be one of the most caring, and supportive cast members there! Shippo always compliments her cast member's skills and efforts, and always shows enthusiasm even when things are difficult, no matter what! If you are looking to have amazing talent and spectacular vibes in your project, look no futher, you've found the right person!

  • @deleted18033

    Shippo is an amazing and talented person to work with. Her level of quality ceases to amaze me. Not only that, but she's also a very wonderful person to talk to. Cast Shippo in your projects!!!!!!!!

  • @themaidenaries

    Even though I just started this year, I believe Shippo is a great and talented voice actor! She is the best, I gotta say, her talent level is off the charts! Not to over exaggerate, but she is one of my favorites to work with! Go audition Shippo for more projects! >:0

  • @dreavery

    SHIPPO IS SO TALENTED! Not only that, but she is such a remarkable person in so many ways. I couldn't recommend her enough and I don't have the words to describe how great of a person she is. Please cast shippo, you won't regret it. Trust me.

  • @sleightlyoff

    To say working with Shippo will constantly brighten your day would still be a gross understatement for just how kind, bubbly, and fun Shippo is as a person. Not only is she a skilled voice actress, but her art is absolutely stunning, as well. Shippo is incredibly cosmopolitan in her abilities, and I cannot recommend her enough to any director.

  • @arandomvoiceactor

    If you’re looking for a talented and kindhearted voice actress, then Shippo’s your girl! Ever since I met her, Shippo’s been nothing but a blast to hang out with and a sweet person to talk to! Her voice acting has never failed to blow me away and her dedication to voice acting is amazing! Shippo is honestly just a super amazing human being and I recommend her for any of your future projects! Trust me, you will not be disappointed because she is hella talented!!

  • @pat-kerley

    Shippo is an incredible voice actor, her tone and delivery is soothing and easy on the ears. She delivers lines quickly, is very helpful, always offering to play any extras when there is some, and always brings the energy that just helps bring the comic dubs to life! Shippo is easy to get along with and just has so much talent. I highly recommend her!

  • @joefredrick12

    Shippo is an excellent jack of all trades when it comes to voice acting, video editing, graphic design, and art. As her director for my Persona Q2 Fandub Shippo plays the role of Makoto Nijima. She delivers a variety of takes for each line, she's able to adapt her voice to match the character in a vareity of situations, she gets her work in on time, and is a joy to be around. Even if she wasn't the amazing voice actress she is, she'd be an asset on any project for the kind and inspiring air she gives off alone. She also is an affiliate of a Youtuber I work for where she is the promotional artist and she does a wonderful job. As a friend, colleague, director, and voice actor, I can't recommend Shippo enough and anyone would be a fool not to work with her.

  • @twohearted

    Shippo is an outstanding young voice-over artist with a great voice. Her delivery was impeccable for the character she was cast as. She understood the nuance of her character very well. Her intuition as an actor is amazing.