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About WindVA


I am WindVA (formerly SL-Wind)! I'm a person who is very intrigued by voice acting and would very much like to do so as a hobby and for fun! I'm looking forward in taking part in any project, big or small. I will be selective with what I pick though!

My voice range is similar to that of a teenager at it's highest and a deep-sounding young adult/narrator-like voice at it's lowest. I am capable of singing solo and I have had a few years worth of experience singing in choirs and other groups, but I'll leave it up to you to decide if my voice is good enough!

I am busy with university right now, so be patient with me if you can!
I have a YouTube channel that showcases my personal works and collaborations with others which you can check out in my socials listed below. That would be much appreciated!

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Youtube: WindVA
Twitter: @wind__va

If I have not left an audition for your project or have talked to you before, please send me a private message here only as I do not want to flood my Discord chat. For those whose projects I have auditioned for, I am most active on my Discord, so it would be best to contact me there instead of my Twitter or Instagram.

  • @tayhoongie

    Wind is a superbly organized, communicative, and kind director. Working for them is an absolute pleasure. If you are ever able to collaborate with them on a project, I'm sure you'll feel the same way!

  • @acetember

    When I originally cast SL-Wind, it was just as an extra, but he went on to be one of the most active members of the project. Despite the casting as an extra, Wind gave 110%, providing many good lines on multiple occasions, and even contributing towards the project with helpful thoughts and feedback. If you cast SL-Wind, you can be sure you'll get lots of participation, effort, and friendliness coming your way!