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About LightRocks


It has been a very long time, almost 6 months since my hiatus. Unfortunately, voice acting is no longer my passion and I will not do more VAing anymore.

Thank you to those who supported me throughout my journey. I love you all.

-LightRocks Oct 2021

I will no longer accept project requests.

About Me

Hi! My name is LightRocks, I also go by Light or Ree, and I am an aspiring teen voice actress. I have started voice acting since July of 2020 and I’m very passionate about it. 

Age: I will only audition for a project if I meet the age requirements.

Voice acting range: medium low to extremely high

Singing range: G3-B5 (comfort range: B3-F5)

Weirdness: Infinity Percent

*(Please do not ask about my actual age. The projects I audition for are all in my age range)

Voice Acting Abilities

I am most comfortable with higher pitched energetic voices.

My range is medium low to extremely high

I tend to do better with younger characters but I can voice older deeper characters too.

Other Abilities:

As of now, I only offer singing and foreign languages other than voice acting.

I can speak English, Korean, and Japanese (a little bit)

I do not offer these skills unless absolutely necessary.




Fangans yayyyy

Genshin Impact

Any fandubs/comic dubs



Contact Info

Discord: LightRocks!!#1824

Gmail: [redacted] dm me on discord for it or on ccc

I will not consider hateful, NSFW, or gross controversial projects. 


One more thing, please do not refer me as a gacha va. I have started my journey with gacha animations but nowadays I am looking further into anime fandubs.

  • @deleted401181

    LightRocks is truly one of a kind. She is so sweet and I'm so grateful to be her friend! Her audio is quite clear with little to no background noise, and her voice is outstanding. LightRocks is very kind and funny, but can definitely be professional. She's the epitome of talent, and I can't wait to see how far she comes in the voice acting industry.
    Luv you <33

  • @darling-donutcat

    Lightrocks is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is so talented and every time I hear her voice im like blown away!!! She is an amazing VA and a incredible,kind,sweet,and,humble friend.

  • @chanheeee

    wait- whats that i smell is that- UNDERRATED-NESS. SMH HOW, light rocks is the kindest most wholesome person you'll ever meet. i am currently in a project with her (FINALLY) and guess what, SHES LITERALLY SO KIND LIKE - just ugh i stan her, so instead of reading this WHY DONT U GO CAST HER LIKE HKFJHKAJHSKDJHKJ (ahaha sorry if that made no sense but seriously light rocks is one of the most wholesome people you'll ever meet and shes really talented too so y'know, go cast her)

  • @chanheeee

    did i already recommend her- oh well doing it again, light works is the sweetest most wholesome person/va ive ever met. shes extremely underrated and her va work is just fabulous, every time i hear her va im just blown away by talent. so like hey- why do u go cast her c:

  • @dakaritheanimegirl

    Dude! THIS GURL IS A QUEEN!!!🤩👏😆 SHE IS AN AMAZING VA AND AN AMAZING BFF!!!!! She can do so many voice ranges from child to young adult and she rocks!!!! SHE IS FIRE 100% i have no idea why she doesn’t have that much recommendations or why shes not in 100 projects SHE IS SO AMAZING PLEASE CAST HERR I BEG UUUUUU 🥺

    Btw if you call her a queen she will fight back so be prepared for a wholesome battle! ♥️