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♪ Greetings and salutations!

Hey there, and welcome to my page! My name is  Deshi (de-shee). I am a teenage voice actress who has a strong passion for voice acting and acting and in general. I've been voice acting consistently since June 2020.


 [ I N F O R M A T I O N ]

Pronouns: she/her

Timezone: PST

Range: High, Med-high, 

, Med-low, Low


 [ S O C I A L S ]

CCC: @justdeshi (you're here silly >-<)

Instagram: @justdeshiva

Discord: @JustDeshi#4009

Twitter: @JustDeshi

(inactive but dm/PMs open)


 [ R E Q U I R E M E N T S ]

Please refrain from asking "can you voice in my project" to save time just give me a brief description of your project (original ideas will most likely be accepted.)
No NSFW point-blank. No explanation needed. I will only audition for guaranteed roles that interest me. Thank you for your cooperation!

(as of March 2021 I have been on a hiatus I'm not quitting or anything I'm just super busy with school and this can no longer be my main priority see you soon! (hopefully)


  • @peachesncream

    Even though me and Deshi are only close friends her voice work is the definition of AMAZING. I love her voice its super cute and she tries her best to get her lines in on time. I would cast her for my project if i was making one.

  • @riri-va

    Deshi is extremely UNDERRATED! I don't understand why she doesn't have more recommendations. She is such a talented VA! Everything from her audio quality to the emotion she puts in her voice is just mind blowing! Not to mention, she is super sweet and friendly. You won't regret casting her!

  • @peridomiava

    Deshi is an incredible voice actress. We work closely as friends and listening to her work is incredible. She can do such a wide range of voices and is always prepared to take on whatever a project throws at her. You would not regret casting her one bit. She's a hottie.

  • @deleted440809

    Deshi is just so amazing as voice acting and so underrated honestly! I am so surprised she isn't bigger in the community. I work in a few projects with Deshi and she's just- WORDS CAN'T EXPLAIN! Please, cast her if she auditions for your project.

  • @dakaritheanimegirl

    Deshi is just a amazing voice actor she is to underrated and overall has an amazing voice she is also an amazing friend i never actually worked with her yet but I’m hoping to look forward to working with her in the future and I totally recommend her please cast her she’s amazing!

  • @doodlie

    Deshi is one of the best people I have worked with. she is very understanding and gave outstanding takes for all her lines. and her passion makes me smile! she works super hard and I hope overs will consider her too! I'm excited to work more with her in the future! ^^

  • @mint_sunflower

    Deshi is an amazing VA and although I'm just her friend myself haven't cast her, I know she is a really good person and gets along with people as well as being amazing at voice acting and I've seen some things she has been in and she did an absolutely terrific job with the character she voiced

  • @moon-skxes

    I know Deshi has not been in one of my calls, but I'd love to work with her! I wouldn't pick anybody else I really recommend her!