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About EnniBunni

Greetings, my friends!

My name is Enyu, but I go by Enni, or EnniBunni if you’d like. I am a teenage voice actress, and I have had 3 years of voice acting experience. I speak fluent English, and for that matter please check my 2020 Demo Reel (To be updated in 2022).

My voice range goes from low to very high, but I’m more comfortable with high voices. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t audition for low range characters! If you’re looking for anime voices, I’m right here for you! I normally suit energetic characters, but I can be quite a bully as well (literally). My audience is currently pretty small.

Sadly, from now on I’m only accepting paid projects, unless it’s a project that I’m interested in, due to time and payment needs. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t shoot me a DM for a project of yours! 

Contact info:

Discord: EnniBunni#3043

Instagram: @ennibunniva

[Please PM for e-mail.]

St. Cloud VA Camp - 2020

Private Coaching

Instructed by Liliane Lin
  • @simplyluxly

    So. EnniBunni gave me great work! i don't know way but her voice kind of reminds me of an anime character (which makes it even better, at least for me). I am proud to be the first recommendation for EnniBunni though she deserves much more.