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An alternate reality Final Fantasy VII fanfiction story. I am revising this story and would like to convert it into an audio version to post on youtube.
The story is Rated PG-13 for language, mild violence, sexual situations. See https://www.fanfiction.net/u/14701512/snowpuppet for the current posted chapters.

I am looking for people to narrate one whole chapter, plus do the dialogue-- so basically, you will be treating it as an audio book. It's not necessary to do distinct voices for each character, as long as you capture the tone of the dialogue.

I will be getting a narrator for each chapter separately as soon as I figure out how to post more than one, if that is possible.

  • @theuncertainman

    Hadas is an incredibly understanding, friendly and helpful person who I've worked with on her Xenogears fan project. She's generous with her deadlines and gentle with her criticism and feedback.

  • @thejoletrain

    Absolute pleasure to work with. Easy and a joy to talk with whilst being clear, kind and precise in directions for the roles.
    Amazingly committed to the project(s) at hand and gives a real sense of accomplishment when it's finished; knowing you worked with a great director and team with no trouble at all.

    Cannot recommend working with Hadas enough.

  • @nerdy-nom-nom

    I worked with, and am working with, Hadas Rose on her Xenogears radio play.
    As the casting director, project director and writer, I found Hadas Rose to be extremely easy to work with, complimentary, understanding and approachable.
    The script, direction and character descriptions given evoked a far more powerful performance from me than I ever could have gotten without Hadas Rose's input and help.

    I recommend any projects and casting calls she does in the future to any VO looking for honest, fun and fulfilling work.