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Who exactly is the head honcho of Voicecast Freeman?  If you guessed a dashing, debonair and refined stallion of a man... he'll accept the compliment without hesitation.  In truth, DARREN FREEMAN is a reliable, stubborn (and moderately handsome) mule set on one goal: to one day make his living full-time as a voice talent and director.

As a director, DARREN FREEMAN favors a more "natural" and realistic approach to character creation.  Nuance and subtlety are hallmarks of a Freeman production, with an emphasis on challenging his actors to develop their instruments and deliver high-quality performances.  Casting newbies and experienced actors alike, Darren's objective is singular: to revel in the abilities of his chosen talent and watch them grow as artists. There is nothing he enjoys more than seeing his talent reach for the stars.


SEIKEN DENSETSU 3 / TRIALS OF MANA - Riesz's Story (Prologue)


  1. Episode 1:  "Legacies Left"                         Episode 2: "All the Single Ladies"

  2. Episode 3: "Treading New Ground"         Episode 4: "A Prayer For the Broken"

  3. Episode 5: "Like Old Times"                      Episode 6: "Honor, Pride and Regret"

  4. Episode 7: "Unfortunate Souls"               Episode 8: "Worlds Apart"




GUY - Lufia and the Fortress of Doom - "Battle of Doom Island"


BARDROY / NARRATOR - "The Making of Black Butler II"

BARDROY / VISCOUNT DRUITT - "His Butler, Performer"

KYOYA OTORI - "Welcome to Ouran Academy"

HUBERT - "Fire Emblem Three Houses, "Edelgard Slays Dimitri"


JETHRO BANESWORTH - "Emperor Pigs: Pizza and Cigs" (Episode 6)

JOE - High Stakes Game

  • @spitfire

    A fantastic director; organized, directed, and produced the first episode of the Valkyria Chronicles 4 Fandub Project both promptly and professionally, with great communication between team members while facilitating a very friendly atmosphere.
    I have no doubt that these strengths will also shine through in future projects, both in new episodes of the VC4 project which I will gladly be a part of, and other endeavours!

  • @lucirynvo

    FVS is a wonderful director! From using live direction via Discord calls to explain exactly how he wants a line to be voiced, to his dedication and perseverance to getting episodes out quickly, he is a hard worker. You definitely don't see that often nowadays. I look forward to continuing to be a part of the VC4 Project moving forward!

  • @crash-star

    Freeman is a fantastic director, and a wonderful conversationalist. His directions were clear and his editing is amazing. I'm truly proud to be able to be part of this project with him and so many other talented people. I look forward to future episodes and any other projects he may start. Overall, I can not recommend Freeman enough. Looking forward to working with him in the future.

  • @deleted124723

    Darren is one of the best directors I've worked with. Sure, he gives clear direction and constructive feedback, but what really sets him apart is his dedication to making things easy for the actors. For example, my script for VC 4 Episode 1 came with my lines numbered and color-coded. Add to that he's a talented editor and sound mixer, and you've got the ideal person to work with. If you see one of his projects, be sure to audition for it.

  • @gingersid

    Well organized and friendly, and knows just how to keep a project going. Was super understanding when I was sick and had a hard time getting the lines in, and constantly engage with others to help and guide when needed. I will happily continue to work with him on VC4 and future projects if he does need me.

  • @beardyman

    Brilliant Director. Had the pleasure of working with him on his Valkyria Chronicles 4 fandub, and his dedication and drive is admirable. He kept me motivated to work harder and deliver my best possible performance whilst talking through Discord for live direction, and was very prompt to answer any questions that I had in regards to the project. If you see a project being directed by Freeman, go for it. It's a terrific experience. Looking forward to working with him in the future!

  • @twiggyshei

    As a director, Freeman was professional, patient and organized. Unlike many of the projects I have participated in, his handling of the cast's pacing and line submission was adept and smooth, making the entire project move from casting to line submission to final product in just a few week, faster than anything I've been cast for in the past.

  • @faux-synder

    Darren is an amazing director and a wonderful person! age cares about the wellbeing of the actors, their personal perspectives and takes on how the character should be portrayed, and isn't dismayed when it differs from the source material. He is hard working, great at communicating, and will have great success in the future with other projects, Im sure of it! Should so have the chance to work with him new projects, I have no doubt they would be run smoothly, openly, and come out fantastic!

  • @potatotan

    Oh my goodness. I'm typing this message trying to decide whether to go the "PROFESSIONAL" route or the "ME" route and kinda figured I'd do a little bit of both because I CAN!

    Darren is overall one of the kindest and hard-working people I have ever encountered. Everything about his project was organized - from script to video references to where we would be putting our lines as the cast! Despite the minor setbacks our episode had, Darren stayed strong and determined and pushed through!!

    He was VERY VERY VERY kind and understanding when my personal schedule conflicted with lines being sent in ( darn you schedule ) and worked with me until I was able to so smoothly send everything in!!

    He cares about his cast just as much as he does the project because ( from my interpretation of him ) to him BOTH are very important. And I appreciate that he cares about his cast!

    I hope to work under him again in the future and guarantee others would to after meeting and working with him!!

  • @captainkatzy

    Darren Is a fantastic Director and I thoroughly enjoyed working for him, he is very skilled at what he does and is very engaged with his actors. The content he creates is of incredible quality and I can guarantee you will love working with him.

  • @lucirynvo

    I met him in one of the VA101 classes offered by CCC. I love working with him because he is able to articulate clearly just exactly what he is looking for in the actors working for him. He will sit with you live in a call if you have questions or need help with recording. He works fast, is kind and courteous and was very understanding of my crazy work schedule! I'd gladly work with him again and hope to in the future!

  • @peej

    Darren is very expressive with the teams he is a part of, everything will be clear, concise, and understood. Able to do 1-on-1 direction fluently, and has excellent patience! You can tell he cares a lot about his projects. Was a blast working with him!

  • @gamesjayplays

    I always enjoy when I have veterans come back for my projects. FVS has auditioned for multiple roles in my projects. He can alter his voice to play multiple extra roles to make them sound distinct and natural. It's been a pleasure working with him so far and I hope to have him as a main character in future projects!

  • @kelseyva

    Working with Darren is always a pleasure. I loved being in class with him and providing voice work was always very easy. He always made himself available when I had questions and had great tips for better recordings. The end product was so professional and he complimented my work over and over which always boosted my confidence and made me excited to keep working. Thank you!

  • @edeng

    Darren was always in communication with his actors. He provided frequent updates on how the project was progressing, which was much appreciated and kept us excited and engaged with the project. He carefully thinks through the roles and how he wants each actor to approach it, so that when it comes time to give direction the actor clearly knows what is expected so that the actor's time is not wasted. That being said, there is still room to play with the character a bit and put your own spin on it.
    Feedback is prompt and honest, which I appreciated because I want honest critique so I can grow as an actor, but Darren also knows how to give spirited praise when praise is due.
    The scripts are highlighted and numbered, and submission of files is organized and clear. Darren is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

  • @craftymatt

    Freeman Vocal Studios has been extremely professional, curt and helpful for providing direction for what the scene calls for.

    10/10. Would work with again. (Here's hoping!)

  • @krynur

    Darren is an extremely organized and committed director who knows what he wants. If you ever get cast in a project of his, expect a high quality and guaranteed finished product. He will not only go above and beyond for his projects, but also for you as a person. A real pleasure to work with and I would be honored to work with him again.

    Seriously, audition for his projects and you will not be let down in any way imaginable.

  • @marcosmolina

    Darren is the man with a plan! Best director I have worked with so far! Even before I was approved for the VC4 project, I was always given advice in the comments. It's very admirable to see someone give reliable and honest feedback to help me improve. He always keeps the actors up to date with previews and even creating smaller groups for each episode's cast. I was delighted to see the scripts being color-coded too. Darren makes it easy and delightful to be a part of the team. You just can't go wrong with this guy! I look forward to working with Darren more in the future.

  • @morgan-s

    Let me start by saying I love working with this group. Darren himself is not afraid to offer feedback and critique a performance which only serves to better people. Working with him, I had a lot of fun and learned more on how to voice act just from him giving me feedback. I look forward to working with this group in the future

  • @blissthelion3ss

    Darren has been an absolute breath of fresh air to work with from Day One. He cares about the quality of the work he puts out, and is very passionate about it, as you will know from speaking with him! As someone who is still getting used to live readings, I appreciate how he was able to make the atmosphere relaxed and casual during the call, to the point where I was able to calm my nerves and read the script without choking! However, the trait I admire the most about Darren is his work ethic. If you are on a project with him at the reigns, you can be sure that it will be getting done. I am so, incredibly grateful to be a part of the Squad Stories project, and will definitely be looking for opportunities to be a part of Darren's projects in the future.