Austin Willeke Voice Overs

Austin Willeke Voice Overs

Heyo folks! My name is Austin and I am a vocie actor and writer!

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About Austin Willeke Voice Overs

Through classes with Closing Credits and landing roles, I am making my way as a VA! Like many of the amazing nerds here, I love cartoons, anime, and video games, and would love to be in your dub! I love character work, and greatly enjoy narration, audiobook and commercial work as well.

I have a studio quality Samson Q9U mic, and a sound treated room with no background noise!

Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 101, 201, and 301

Instructed by Brendan Hunter

Brendan is an outstanding teacher, and these classes absolutley helped me to shape and develop my voice. I landed my first paid role while I was in 201, and I've been developing my skills and portfolio ever since!

What Austin Willeke Voice Overs is looking for

Character work is my favorite, but I am absolutely open to narration, audiobooks, and commercial work. 

  • @mitchleschinski

    Austin and I met in a Closing Credits class and also worked on a Fallout: New Vegas DLC with him. We immediately connected through humor and love of character work. I cannot count how many characters I have seen Austin transform into, but it probably breaks 20. In class he could bring any script to life with a new monster, gremlin, New Yorker, ANYTHING! If I find a project that needs Austin, I will ALWAYS keep him in mind...

  • @cgy95

    I worked with Austin on the Fallout: New Vegas mod: Race To The Bottom. They performed two roles. One was an audio log role with a character called Reeves where they managed to portray a menacing and a broken man. The other role was for Dexter, a snarky engineer type. This demonstrates Austin's range. Austin was also very professional, quick to deliver and responded well to direction and feedback. They were very receptive to the idea of retakes too. It was a pleasure working with them and I hope that any other VAs I work with are as talented and professional in the future.

  • @whisperingwillow

    Austin is so easy to work with!  Kind, helpful and is always striving for excellence in his recordings.  10/10  I'm so fortunate he joined our team