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About Burn The Night

Hobbyist voice actor.

Check out my voice acting samples from various projects, roles and auditions HERE!

  • @dantefettman

    Burn The Night provided services by voicing the character of Rusty, a character in my up & coming project - Deathsong Brotherhood: Resurgence.

    He's a talented voice actor who is very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend him!

  • @flatlight-productions

    An amazing Voice Actor & a fun person to talk to.

    Listened to my directions perfectly. Quick, responsive, open to criticism, which many hobbyist voice actors don't take very well.

    Not to mention that he actually really cares about your project and will check-in to see your progress, ask how things are going and so forth.

    Overall, if you want a authentic Lithuanian or Russian accent - he's the guy.

  • @carrymeohio

    Burn The Night provided his talents for many of my roles, both small and major, most notably the Newsvendor Bernard in 'Watchmen: TEMC'. He always brought great passion, talent and general trust of the director and vision, and genuinely cares about the success of the project you cast him in. You'll cast not only just a very talented actor, but a trustworthy and loyal collaborator.

  • @firebendingspiderman

    Burn The Night is an incredibly fun person to work with, with an infectious attitude you'd definitely want in your project. He's a really passionate performer, and it shows in his work. He goes above and beyond without you asking for it and loves the creative process. He's always more than willing to get through that with you, not just for you.

    He's amazing not just as a performer, but also as a part of your crew. He's such a cheerleader for whatever he's a part of - as even the other recommendations can attest to - that I genuinely don't think my project would have made it out of my NLE without him. He's been the single most helpful cast I've ever made and I'm so grateful to have a collaborator like him.

  • @odoproudfoot

    Burn The Night voiced the Khandish Charioteers for our Lord of the Rings mod project, Age of the Ring. He provided us with an incredible set, which featured an authentic Russian accent, and was extremely diligent and easy to work with. We were given a wide array of takes to choose from, with varying moods and multiple degrees of intensity, all in a timely fashion. We were particularly impressed by the energy behind his delivery - he's clearly a tremendously passionate performer.