Dakota Farnsworth

Dakota Farnsworth

Make time and invest it into your own goals and desires. Appreciate those who matter most and let them appreciate you also. Lastly, always Keep Moving Forward!

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About Dakota Farnsworth

Hello, my name is Dakota!

I'm a social butterfly and an actor who is looking to put his own footprint of positivity into the earth!

If life throws anything in you're way, just remember to Keep Moving Forward! 

Here are some of the roles I'm most proud of...

  • Sly Cooper: Rise of the Legendary Thief         Sly Cooper (Lead)

  • Project: Eden's Garden                                      Kai Monteago (Supporting)

  • Symbol of Sacrifice                                             Azil (Lead)

  • Ender-Mite                                                           Alex Young/Ender-Mite (Lead)

  • Crimes of Alorion                                               Leonardo Salvitori (Lead)

  • Virus 0-1                                                              Anti-Virus (Supporting)

  • To Here and Back Again                                    Oliver Maverick (Lead)

  • The Big Score                                                     JACK (Lead)

  • Dispute!                                                               Rinq Ba'al (Supporting)

Check out the 23rd episode of the HyperCube Podcast where you can hear me interviewed as a guest! -> https://youtu.be/f3f-ilNZ2Xg

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Acting Coach
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Cuyahoga Community College - 2019

Acting I, II, III, & IV

Instructed by Bob Ellis | Andrew Gorell


What Dakota Farnsworth is looking for

I take great interest and pride being involved in projects where the director and all persons involved have emotionally invested interest. I want to help make your vision come to life.

I am looking to be involved in Voice Over through every outlet I can. I love the art and I want to build a career around bringing characters to life and moving an entire audience. I take time multiple days a week to research the field, opportunities, agencies, and training opportunities so I can give out the best possible work and impression to any current or potential future clients.

Projects I want to be involved in most:

  • -Animation

  • -Audio Dramas

  • -Video Games

  • -Commercials

  • -Promos

  • -Narration

  • @slightlyinsulting

    Tarquin is something else, he gives in passion the likes I've never seen before. A day after casting him he was all for the role, he got me and my crew in a call to find out more about the role and immersed himself in it. Not only that he is a really cool person who is easy to vibe with, one of the nicest people I've ever met, he will not just breathe new life into the role, but into the project, when someone as motivated and involved as Tarquin joins your project you can't help but to feel that motivation rub off on you making you want to make the project the best it could possibly be

  • @alastair-gray

    Tarquin is quite simply one of the best guys I've ever met. Through constant stresses and worries about getting my lines in or just talking about our day, he was always there to give excellent advice. He is one of the most knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate Voice Actors I have ever met. Whatever project he works on, he puts 100% effort into. Cannot recommend this man enough.

  • @stealthobject29

    Tarquin is an amazing VA that breathes life into the characters he portrays. not to mention he is very consistent. He keeps an open line of communication about roles and how he can immerse himself into the character. Not to mention that he is a genuinely nice person who is very easy to talk to.

  • @0n3appl3

    Tarquin is a diligent and hard-working voice actor who puts in enormous effort to ensure directors such as myself are satisfied with the performance. On top of all that, he is a great guy to hang out with and always brings in good vibes, which I absolutely appreciate. 100% recommend. I would definitely have him for a future project!

  • @braigar

    Tarquin can be summed up in many ways as unique. He came out of the blue and once noticed, everyone wanted to work with him. I didn't even have a part for him yet before i knew that one day, i wanted a part for him. We ended up going straight to him for a part as soon as we made one that fit. He is very talented and passionate about his work. I'd dare to say for any project that he does in fact. He brings a level of professionalism with him and delivers the work 111%. If you ever wonder if you should hire this guy? There is no question, just do it. -  TSCStudio

  • @keikova

    Tarquin (Dakota Farnsworth) is a first-rate voice actor. Every time I collaborate with him, it is a completely wonderful experience from top to bottom. He comes prepared, enthusiastic, and committed to delivering his best performance without fail. He has an incredible energy that enhances the quality and enjoyment of every project. He has fast turnarounds, takes direction extremely well, and goes above and beyond to meet and surpass what is expected of him. Dakota has an expressive voice with the range and tone to suit any project. Best of all, he has true acting chops. If you want a professional voice talent who will bring excitement and top quality to your project, Dakota's your guy!

    Keiko | MLA Entertainment

  • @Thunder_Streak

    Dakota auditioned to be apart of my animated series on YouTube. His voice acting skills are phenomenal and the kindness he showed to me I will never forget! He is incredibly talented and his acting of my character really shines through. I couldn't have picked a better voice actor! 

  • @BatuTH

    Dakota is really an awesome person to work with! He voices Sonic in my series (The Both Worlds) and nails the lines that I need before I even say anything! Deadline can't even be considered a problem with him, he's just as fast as Sonic and if anything happens, he lets you know. Just give him the role and he easily adapts into it like the character is him! Again, an awesome guy, he rocks!

  • @cleaned120480

    I can't say enough good things about working with Dakota Farnsworth. I've had the amazing opportunity to work with him both as a fellow voice actor and as a director. He's everything you could ask for in a voice actor: incredibly kind and easy to work with- the best-of-the-best talent, equipment, and sound editing- always communicative and has never missed a deadline. All in all, Dakota is definitely one of, if not the best, voice actors I have ever had the pleasure working with. Can't recommend him enough!!

  • @kunoji

    Dakota Farnsworth (Tarquin) is an extremely talented voice actor who can perfectly play the role of any character.

    The role I assigned him was very difficult - Dakota played for me a mentally ill man who suffers from arrhythmomania. Tarquin rose to the occasion, staging an amazing spectacle with his voice, which took the listener on an immersive journey through the depths of the insane mind of a Japanese teacher. 

    High-skill aside, Dakota is a hardworking person who is a pleasure to work with.

    I really recommend Dakota Farnsworth and hope to work on many more projects with him!

  • @ghostbabble

    Dakota Farnsworth or Tarquin as I've learned to know him is a fantastic Voice Actor. No, performer! he's fantastic at displaying his emotions via audio and gives it his all at every take. Giving me multiple takes is a major PLUS as a director and Tarquin most definitely supply this! Awesome work man, I love having you on my team!

  • @hggraves01

    As soon as Dakota submitted his audition for Kai Monteago, everyone on our team knew he was the perfect fit. He nailed the audition 100% and then some, and ever since he joined the team, he's been nothing short of fantastic. Easy to talk to, quick to get takes and changes out, and extremely talented at ensuring line delivery is exactly as it should be. As far as I'm concerned, you can't go wrong!

  • @UndreamedPanic

    Dakota Farnsworth was a VA on my project, "Sirenhead: SountPoint" as "The Hunter" creature. He has done his job way beyond expectations to the point that people were more terrified of that creature than Sirenhead himself.

    Dakota is able to get you quality lines immediately and has proven to be a super hard worker and passionate about any voice he may do, I highly recommend hiring him as his voice is perfect for many roles.

    I will and ARE working with him again in the future and a current project and I am super excited to see what else he will bring to the table, only good experiences with him.


  • @v-meister71

    Dakota is a magnificent VA to work with! I co-direct a project that he voice's in, and he blows us away with his performance every time! His voice is just so awesome that he deserves my recommendation more than anything else.

  • @dhernandez

    Voice actors with such an incredible degree of drive, passion, and work ethic as Dakota has are far and few between. He is a rare case of the true full package: a highly intuitive and methodical actor with a fantastic sense of play and an extraordinary range, an artist who holds himself to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, and a true team player who is not only reliable, cooperative, and communicative, but also always seeks to lift up his peers, helping them to realize and best apply their own talent. It's been such a joy and privilege to have been able to work with him and become his friend-- I cannot think of an actor I would want more on my creative team.