K.C. Cross

K.C. Cross

"That girl with the really deep voice"

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About K.C. Cross

K.C. Cross (a.k.a. “that girl with the really deep voice”) is an award-winning creative writer and well-endorsed, non-union voice actor with a B.A. in Communication and an M.A. in Media Psychology (pending 2026). Her awareness of storytelling and character development lends emotional nuance and immersion to her wide range of male and female performances. While best known for her character work, Casey’s clear, tempered line reading equips her with a strong narrative voice perfect for bringing audiobooks, e-learning tutorials, and corporate demos to life.

Recent Roles:

Mr. Wrinkles - Pixie and Brutus Comic Dub

UNICE, LUCI, & Mrs. Watson - Bibleman: A Time for Change Audiodrama

Quint & Finlay - Golden Heart Audiobook

Alfonse - Fire Emblem Heroes: Day in the Life Of (fandub)

Lady Prisma - Kirby Comic Dub: "Chance"

Owlan - The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Prequel Manga dub

Narrator - Eastern Florida State College Orientations/Workshops

University of Central Florida - 2015

B.A. Communication

Instructed by

Studied the psychology of communication, marketing, family dynamics, conflict resolution, and interpersonal verbal and non-verbal messages.

Fielding University - 2024

M.A. Media Psychology

Instructed by

Studied interactions between media and the mind, including video games, anime, cosplay, and fandom culture. 

Joe Zieja's Voice Acting Academy - 2023

Joe Zieja's Voice Acting Academy

Instructed by Joe Zieja

Studied character development, home studio setup, business aspects of voice acting, auditioning/studio best practices, mindfulness, and more.

What K.C. Cross is looking for

My deep, flexible voice allows me to play both male and female roles--from tenor Irish lads and sultry women, to tired teens and fae sprites. I enjoy engaging in fandom dubs and original projects alike. I take deadlines seriously, seeing voice acting as a business. Work with me, and you can expect fast turnarounds, clean reads, and a willingness to take critique. 

I am not interested in roles where I am required to use profanity, racial slurs, or God's name in vain. I also believe that roles representing minorities and under-represented populations should be played by members of those groups.

  • @coleiosis

    A voice actress with solid range and excellent acting skills!  Puts much personality in human characters and really nails the mood for robots.  There is a definite show of professionalism!  Would highly recommend!

  • @chris-kalen

    • K.C. Cross had a small role, but put in as much effort as anyone else did! They did so well that they were able to use their audition to complete their role! K.C. Cross is perfect for any projects looking for dedicated and willing VAs!

  • @natetheg8

    K.C. is an amazing actress with many beautiful voices, and a really fun energy! She's super easy to cooperate with and a lot of fun to work with in live direction! (She's super good at it too!) She knows how to bring the nuance to her performance to convey just what the character is thinking and feeling. I really think she would be a good pick for many projects and ideas. I really enjoyed my time working with K.C. on my project: "Golden Heart" and I think she will do great out there!

  • @valaura

    I cast K.C. Cross as Alfonse in my FEH live action dub and I've been thoroughly impressed with her work. She has a very impressive vocal range and is able to portray a wide variety of characters, is very responsive and provides quick turnarounds, and is generally a really nice person to work with. 

  • @moofmiser

    Casey was awesome to work with. A fantastic actress, it was easy to instruct and direct them, and a few times their input really helped bring out parts of a character that I hadn't thought of myself. I appreciated how open they were with me about any issues that arose, and overall they were really professional and a joy to work with. Would absolutely recommend her to anyone.

  • @taylorcreates

    Had outstanding range when auditioning and fulfilled the role I casted perfectly! Would love to work with them again!

  • @finateh

    K.C. has been great throughout the project and very easy to work with with fast communication. She makes sure to do the job well and get the job done on time as best as she can. As a voice actor, she has a lovely voice and delivery and she'll be a great addition to any project.

  • @natsjungle2000

    I casted K.C. as a lead role and she was very friendly and communicative, put lots of effort and thought into EVERY line, and really helped bring much more personality to my character and bring him to life! And K.C. has one of the most AMAZING vocal ranges I’ve ever seen, performing both genders perfectly and introducing a unique take on every character! I definitely recommend her for ANY project! 

  • @octahedralprism

    K.C. was quick and responsive in providing quality audio and excelled in performing for my production

  • @taylorplayz135

    I HIGHLY recommend K.C. Cross for any voice acting you may need! She was spectacular to work with and I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!

  • @juliawalker

    K.C. is a true pleasure to work with and a master at what she does. I had the joy of working with her on the Tokudon Series- her work as an actor speaks for itself and her voice is truly unique. Thank you for being you K.C.!

  • @CovVikingVoice

    What can I say about Casey except, WOW!!!

    I am currently working alongside her on the Tokudon series and she brings so much passion and energy to the role of Makkine as well as a genuine strong villainous feel which suits the character to perfection.

    I can honestly say she put her heart into the project and I am certain she would do it with any others she would be involved in.

    But on top of that she genuinely comes as a kind soul who has a genuine interest and passion about VA, which in itself can be rare these days, but top that with great acting and high audio quality, you have a rare match indeed

    Truly a blessing to work with so if you get the chance, grab it with both hands.

  • @minashaheed

    Casey was the character lisa for my project a Mondstat wedding! a short inspired by the RPG open world game Genshin Impact! she did an outstanding job impersonating the character and working with her was a pleasure! :))

  • @froggoprince

    Casey has been a wonderfully supportive peer and source of inspiration on Tokudon. They voice a wonderfully villainous Makkine and have been thoroughly supportive of the cast's efforts. Very prompt and professional without sacrificing warmth and individuality.

  • @seraphimva

    Casey was great voicing Susie in a comic dub I did! Her clear line reading and performance were suitable for this character, and I'm happy to have her on a project of mine!