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About Will_W

Hello! I'm still working on this, busy times.
I'm a student at Newcastle University, England, and have had a great passion for voice acting for a long time, I guarantee I will bring a huge amount of care an enthusiasm to any project I'm apart off. So here I am! trying my best to break into the world of voices. I'm working on a demo for this account, but for now if you're really interest you can look through my audition(s). Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my profile.

  • @artryid

    From the moment we started the project together, he's been nothing but a kind and helpful team partner. There is talent shining through each role he takes on and I know he is determined to make sure that the quality of his work matches with what the director seeks. I hope to continue working with him as we both grow in our fields.

  • @daniellewhite

    As a Voice Actor, Will is professional and extremely talented. His vocal range is excellent and his audio quality is exactly what directors look for. He delivers work quickly and takes criticism like an industry professional. Anyone fortunate to work with him is going to have their projects improve ten fold and I know he has a long career in this industry with his talents.

  • @gso

    Will knocks it out of the park as Dracula/Vlad Tepes. he's fantastic at taking directions.