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Nick Duck

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About Nick Duck

Hey, I'm Nick, a voice actor, writer, and an audio engineer.  I was greatly inspired by Gen-Z Media and 911 Podcasts to create audio, and I now work are the marketing director and head of creative operations at Unmuted Media.

To all the people who said I was going nowhere, SUCK IT


I don't charge anything, other than credit for what I did.

What Nick Duck is looking for

I'm looking for experience and to grow my resume to eventually get a job for Gen-Z Media!!!!!! 

  • @sarynthiagallegos16

    Super funny and chill, Awesome at Audio engineering! Turns in lines on time! Active a lot! Works well with others I recommend you choose them :)

  • @jt424

    Nick was the audio engineer on my audiobook "Ninja" He was AMAZING! He fit all the audio files for each character in each episode/chapter perfectly. Even though he's still young, he knew what he was doing. I highly recommend him for engineering work on your audio/visual/animation project!

  • @alleveiate

    Mr. Quax is a great peer as well as a fantastic mentor! We’ve been a part of several projects together, and I’ve always had a blast and felt welcome in the communities they’ve introduced me to. ¨̮ They’ve been incredibly communicative, professional, and hardworking in all that we’ve done, and are an incredible asset to those who wish to produce efficient and admirable work! 

  • @Scrogun

    What surprised me about Mr. Quax was his professionalism. In this business of fan projects and small original works, few creators have the passion nor drive to actually produce a script or work on their project beyond attaining a cast. Mr. Quax was quick to contact me, send me my scripts and deadlines, and give feedback on my performance. And this is all the more impressive considering his relatively young age. When I think of the ideal project manager, and how I expect content creators to act, Mr. Quax's shining example always comes to mind. I look forward to working with him again, and seeing what else he can create. Since, unlike many here, he actually has the drive and will to do so.