About chibijo1994

Voice Actor, Writer, Director, editor. Current active projects: Broken series, GRVE and JSPR. Specializes in audiodramas

What chibijo1994 is looking for

Character work. Voice Range "Medium-High to Medium" 

  • @hikari-no-uta

    I've worked with Chibi Jo a lot during the last two years and can say he is highly dependable and willing to try things out of his comfort zone. He's a dedicated individual and never missed a deadline throughout this project! (in fact he was early) He was the first person to help me if I made a mistake and missed an extra and would stop what he was doing at that time and quickly record an extra for me, so he's an absolute pleasure to work with~

  • @xavier-pz

    Worked with them on their series GRVE as Barrel; they were fun to work with, an excellent streamer and very dedicated!

  • @josyr123

    I don't think I could even begin to describe how supportive Jo is. I have worked with Mr. Jo on a few of his projects and had the pleasure of voicing a few of his roles and to say that working with him was great would be a serious understatement. He is very talented when it comes to creating stories, directing his audios, and just overall wonderful to work and collaborate with. I'm honored to be able to call Jo my friend and even more so to get the opportunity to work with him. 

  • @Laneyeh

    Chibijo is probably one of the most kind and understanding people I've met using Casting Call Club. When I auditioned for a project of his, he was the first one to give me a chance and also critique me which I have learned and utilized for my own endevors. If there is anyone who is willing to lead a hand and work their ass off, its chibijo!!

  • @Scrogun

    The epitome of what you would want in a project manager. ChibiJo runs a tight ship on his discord, managing many creative projects in various states of completion, yet the information about all of them and their states are frequently updated. I have difficulties with some creators who, after assigning a cast, never actually get around to actually making something. So clearly, this man is a cut above the rest. Attentive to posting, quick to give feedback, and very friendly to talk to, ChibiJo is a delight to work with. Additionally, his discord is host to a community of many voice actors, making it easy to call upon them for help and guidance for those struggling to break out. The invaluable traits demonstrated by ChibiJo are rare indeed, and I look forward to working with him again on whatever project he may need me for.

  • @jankco

    Chibijo is an awesome artist! I'm glad that Chibijo gave me an opportunity to work on their awesome project and not only that, but gave me great feedback on my work so that I can improve myself as a Voice Actor! 

  • @savannah-g-stevens

    I have had the absolute pleasure of working with with Jo for the past several months! I can honestly say I have never worked with a kinder, professional, and more personable director/writer. I would recommend that if anyone gets the chance to work with him, DO IT!