Xander Alsip

Xander Alsip

Hello, My name is Xander Alsip! a silly man with equally silly dreams

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About Xander Alsip

Xander Alsip is a 17-year-old voice talent that provides professional recordings and performances. He specializes in Animation, Video Games, and Commercials. He is also known for his Sound Design, Composition, Mixing, and Mastering work on Animation and Music.

Important Message

Although I will not work for projects with sexual themes.

I am still able to fulfill roles in projects targeted toward mature audiences. I'm permitted to participate in projects including strong violence and gore, disturbing images, strong language, or use of illicit substances. I only audition for roles in which I'm personally and legally allowed to fulfill. If I've auditioned for your project, it means you will not receive any legal backlash for casting me. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to message me!


0.50 cents per word (doesn't apply if I audition for your project on my own accord)

What Xander Alsip is looking for

I Specialize in SFW Animation and Video Games!

  • @keyonnaimani

    Can I just say.....this is a god-level voice actor. He´s going places he never thought he could go to. Please consider Xander for a project! 

  • @retrotech2000

    Seeing as in my project (so far), he's literally God, that should show you his acting ability.

    This man can be so many different things, it's insane. One of the funniest and down to Earth people I've ever talked to, and seeing as I'm legit friends with this person, it's like when you have a musician for a friend and they make an entire orchestra for your birthday.

    But I'm going on tangents. Xander is one of the greatest actors I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I absolutely recommend him for a project you may want.

  • @general_skaza

    they are a great voice actor, i am working with them right now, i recomand them so much

  • @deyoku

    Xander though be young, has a voice of a handsome 30ish year old hollywood star. He works well, understands what is expected of him and executes it perfectly. 

  • @otakuxshawn

    He’s very talented and knows how to put a charecter voice on fasho fasho⛄️

  • @jayncrawler

    met xander through voice acting servers on discord and friends :) i’ve always thought of him as somebody til go to if major talent is needed LMAO i recommend this fool for his talent and overall human decency 🫶

  • @ceracat

    Xander is an outstanding voice actor. His own personal twist on characters never seems to disappoint! His emotion is absolutely outstanding and breathtaking. I've known Xander for quite some time now, and throughout our time knowing one another he has been a delight to be around, he is overall just a kind-hearted soul and an amazing person to be around. He is always willing to lend a helping hand without any complaints. Cast Xander for your projects, his talent will make a great addition to your team!