Nathan Smit

Professional Character Voice Actor 

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About Nathan Smit

Passionate about voice acting, game design, comedy. 

King Sound Studios - 2016

Professional Voice Over course

Instructed by Joe Lewis

Voice Over / Voice Acting course with multiple mentors including Rowan Witt from The Matrix. 

Demos & Samples

10 Voices Made up on the spot reading the same rhyme. (All done in one take)

I had a lot of fun coming up with lots of different voices on the spot for an audition I thought I'd compile them all into a demo reel.

All voices were recorded with one take, no redo's.

What Nathan Smit is looking for

I love to work on voice acting in cartoons and video games and movies. 

I'm very passionate about the craft of voice acting and taking my skills to the next level creating new and exciting characters with unique sounding voices, I'm also very serious about bringing emotion into my performances.