Luka, They/Them,21yrs based in Australia looking for experience :) 

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About Luka

Hi! I'm Luka!

I'm a new aspiring voice actor/actress looking for fun projects and experience! I love audio engineering and cosplay! 


I do work full time during the week between 9am to 5pm, but I'm free weekends and afternoons! If you have a deadline, I'll have it done <3 


I do a fair bit of roleplay weekly where my volume is required to reach across a field! So if you need a powerful voice, hi :)  I find I have a natural deep feminine tone with the ability to go high for small children or whiney school kids. Teenage boys also work well for me too lmao. One of my favourite voices to do is Junker Queen from Overwatch 2 and the voice over lady from League of Legends >:3 


English, Cockney, Australian, Higher class British, American, Slavic, French, Italian (This one is my favourite for high volume and commanding tones), Spanish and Scottish. 

What Luka is looking for

Experience :) 

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    Luka goes above and beyond when it comes to voice acting. Not only are they filled with passion and have amazing energy, they are also super committed to working in this industry and definitely has what it takes. Don't pass up on an opportunity to work with them!