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About Ghostbabble

My name's Angel! I also go by GhostBabble. I've been an amateur Voice Actor for about 2 years now. Doing small projects for friends and freelancing altogether. With that, I also direct, sketch, and write a series of my own and help others with theirs. I'm never short on lending a hand to those who need it. In addition, I'm also very faithful to a project I'm working on. I'd like to say that I'm a hard-working, determined, and passionate addition to any team. Big or small. I hope that when or if I audition for a gig of yours, that you'll consider me! 

I'm a part of a production house known as Inku Creators. Jumpstarted by the wonderful Aka.Inku.Creator and myself, we're currently trying to get a project we've been working on for years off the ground. We have a great cast of VA's, Music producers, Artists, and Editors and our goal is to encapsulate and manifest our imagination into visual and audible form. We want to share the dream and wonder we have with you guys!

For any questions or offers please refer to my Voice Over dedicated Discord

Thank you for reading and have a great day!