A stupendous voice actor (just ask him) who will bring your project to new heights! 

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About CBVoiceover

Caleb is a voice actor from the U.S.A. whose versatility has landed him a diverse variety of roles. He can be heard in the audio drama "King Jack" from Lamplighter Theatre, whose productions have featured talent such John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings), Tim Conway (Carol Burnett Show), and Jess Harnell (Animaniacs, Adventures in Odyssey). He has also voiced characters in several games, including "R'lyeh", "Warden of the Coast" (Skyrim mod), and "Cryptic Case" and various audio dramas.  

Equipment - Rode NT1 microphone (XLR) with Rode AI-1 interface. 

HEAR YEE, HEAR YEE...some places you can hear me: 

Audio Dramas

Lamplighter Theatre's "King Jack" - Harold 

Sole Twin Audios audio dramas - Various characters  

The Dr. Who Audio Dramas - Aldous Baxter-Marshaven 

The Collector: Delusions of Grandeur - Dr. Granger 

Vale of Bleeding Hearts - Hugues

Eastmouth - Additional voices 

Video Games 

Most Awesome Game Ever Made - King Kakekikoku

R'yleh - Elias Frost 

Curse of Grimsby Island - Johan (Expected release 2023)

Warden of the Coast: Skyrim mod - Monel/Various

Midwood Isle: Elder Scrolls mod - The Tradesman 

Cryptic Case - Emmett

Voices of Wynn: Wynncraft mod - Lozeg

What CBVoiceover is looking for

Open to all kinds of projects, but my focus is on video games, audio dramas/podcasts, and cartoons/animation. 

  • @willevans

    CBVoiceover was fantastic as the role of The Tradesman in my self-created mod for TES:Skyrim, Midwood Isle. The role required stepping into an unusual and mysterious character, and he read the lines exactly as I envisioned them!

    He was very quick in getting the lines back to me, and had great communication throughout the project.

  • @voicesofwynn

    Caleb is a great voice actor! He voiced a ticket salesman for one of our quests and he sounds professional!

  • @sayhalogoodbye

    Quite possibly the best voice over actor I've had the pleasure of working with on a project!  To say "he understood the assignment" would be an understatement!  Wonderful voice, amazing takes, and I could not recommend him highly enough!

  • @thebawb

    I had the pleasure of managing Caleb on a Skyrim mod project. His vocal range and delivery was nothing short of incredible. He was cast as multiple characters and brought them each to life in very unique ways. His recordings were also consistently clear, clean and well-spoken. Overall, I highly recommend him!

  • @mixelplixed

    It was great working with Caleb on our game! Everything from his communication to his professionalism to his voice acting skills are top notch. He really brought some life to the character as well and we'd be more than happy to work with him again. Highly recommended!

  • @soletwinaudios

    Caleb is a superstar performer in the Audio Drama community. He has been invaluable to me on so many projects for my audio drama company, Sole Twin Audios. He can voice so many different characters and is beyond professional every single time! A complete joy to work with! Go on and cast him in your productions! You won't be sorry! 

  • @nerdybird-studios

    I'm delighted to give this recommendation to Caleb, he really is a magnificent voice actor and a great person as well! He would be perfect for your next project! Thanks again, Caleb.