Elli Reads

Elli Reads

!!!CURRENTLY ON HIATUS!!!Need a comedic, friendly and energetic young female voice? Need a small child? Screaming, crying or shouting? I got you.

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About Elli Reads

Hi I'm Elli, 24, she/they. I am a German voice actress living in Canada. You can check out my social media or carrd if you want to know more about me!
I am open to do just about any roles, as long as they are SFW. 

Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by John Wang
Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 201

Instructed by Brendan Hunter

Depends on the project. 
For commissions, 2 USD per line.

  • @zie

    Looking forward to many more projects with you!

  • @binkusthetrinkus

    Great to work with, gave solid performances, and completed lines in a timely manner.

  • @shk

    Spectacular voice actor. Elli is articulate, passionate, and has an amazing ability to express emotions through her work. She handles instructions very well, is open to suggestions, and her delivery of lines is of the highest quality. 

    Highly recommended. 

  • @renly_va

    Elli is a fantastic VA. Very strong emotional range, great at keeping to schedule, and all around a good person. It's always a pleasure to work with them and call Elli my friend. 

  • @inkubeye

    Elli was a wonderful project manager! it was a pleasure working with them and I hope I can work with them more in the future.

  • @DavieDaveMan

    I've been working with, and been friends, with Elli for a while now and there are very few positive things I can't say about her. Hardworking, super pleasant to work with, strict on herself flexible on her peers, a penchant for management and the list goes on. 
    I highly recommend her to anyone looking for what will no doubt be a rising star.

  • @dakotapowellvo

    I have had the honor of knowing Elli for the vast majority of both of our ventures into voice acting. We first encountered each other in what happened to be our first voice acting class ever, and her personality and eagerness to partake in the lessons immediately stood out to me. Through the passage of time, we eventually landed on the same project together and did live direction with one another. Her ability to portray a character cannot be understated. I have never been in a smoother sailing session before because she delivers her lines with a level of mastery that eliminates all doubt. She is the character and conveys the emotion of the scene perfectly. 

    Yet still, Elli is more than a voice actor. She is a friend to me and a leader to all. Through her tireless efforts, she has built an online community of voice actors where she shares casting calls, technical knowledge, and a space for us like-minded individuals. 

    This is all to say that you won't be making a mistake by casting Elli. She delivers her lines on time and with the utmost quality while also being an active member of your team. Her presence alone enriches the experience for everyone involved!

  • @thebawb

    I had the pleasure of managing Elli on a Skyrim mod project. Being the lead character, she had a massive amount of lines to conduct and she tackled them with both ease and enthusiasm. The quality of her recordings was consistently exceptional and she kept to the established schedule without issue. 

    Elli also proved to be very knowledgeable on voice acting in general, helping some of the other VAs troubleshoot their microphone issues and offer links to numerous helpful VA resources. Overall, I can't recommend her enough! If you're looking for an insightful, enthusiastic, and passionate overachiever for your voice over, you don't need to to look any further.

  • @xaviersims

    I enjoyed working with Elli. Very talented, and easy to work with. She recently voiced Captain Kelly in my latest audio drama, The Stoutkeepers. Be sure to check her out! The Stoutkeepers (Audio Drama)