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About voicedbykenneth

Heya! Welcome to my CCC page. Born and raised in Georgia, I've been doing
this whole "life" thing for about 26 years now. I first found my
passion for acting in high school theatre after an injured knee put
basketball practice on hold for me. I remember the first time I ever
entered the persona of a character, I felt I never wanted to leave. I
had always wanted to get into voice acting but was unsure how to do so
until I saw an online casting call during my final year of college. I
went for it, and I'm fortunate to say I booked an extra and a couple
minor roles right there to get my start. That was in 2016. Ever since
then, I've been cultivating my craft, enhancing my home studio, and
bringing in the work. With efficient communication and turnaround times,
my warm-toned voice, and my raw, genuine energy, I work hard to stay
true to my slogan "Breathing fire into every performance."

  • @talonsims

    Kenny is a great fellow voice actor who has always been willing to help anyone out that needs it. His sense of community is remarkable, and I can't thank him enough for all of the feedback and ideas he has bestowed upon me. We have become good friends through the community and share the strong passion for voice acting.

    His ability as a voice actor is incredible, as he is always quick to find such great delivery that also conveys deep emotion, with such a rich tone. It is always easy for him to be in character and is quick to adjust to feedback. His good nature is what helps him excel in being directed. He is very appreciative of the opportunities that come before him and is quick to become fully dedicated. My best marks and wishes for KennyFairclothVA!

  • @mylesm

    Over the course of time that I've had the chance to work with Kenny, I've been shown clear evidence of his passion for voice acting, his ever-present knowledge in many aspects of the industry, and his friendly and welcoming attitude to anyone and everyone. He isn't afraid to both give critique and receive critique, and he welcomes feedback in all circumstances. He consistently displays these characteristics in his work, and is always looking to lend a hand. I have had the pleasure of calling him my friend, and it is an even greater pleasure of mine to know him as a truly stellar voice actor.