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I WILL become a voice actor.
I am a Voice Actor and Writer
Honestly the short headline is more for myself than anyone else.
Speaks: english
A small raccoon from outer space that has a love for art and learning VAing!!
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, and Writer
Hi I am Arco or Nightmare! (He/they) I am a small digital artist that wants to become either a photographer or a voice actor, maybe both. I am learning to get comfortable with my voice. I was inspired to become a VA by Tehrouge, Mr.Amazing VA, and Audiospawn Sudzy Bubbles!
Fandoms that I am into!-Undertale/Deltarune-Fnaf-the furry fandom-SCP-BATIM-WCs- Indie horror games- Slashers/Horror movies

Art Profolio:

Speaks: english
Teenage amateur game dev, artist, and writer. He/It/Vil/Flame among other neos. :)
I am a Artist and Writer
My name is Bitch (yes, seriously. listen when you get used to it it has a ring to it) and I've been creating stories since I was a baby. And now here I am. Still a baby. But I'm pretty decent at shit now at the very least!! 
Links - Tumblr (this account is for shitposting and reblogs mainly, so just check this one to contact me)- Artfight (A good place to see my art and past character designs!)- A03 (A good place to see my writing!)
Voice Description: art characters
INSTAGRAMS: @glencoco_4life & @bree.bewitching
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Writer, and Live Actor
Hi! My name is Bree Dey and I come from Toronto, Canada! I'm going to school for Theatre and Acting, and have been learning in the Drama Field for 4 years now, participating only in school extra-curriculars, but wanting to branch out! I can do anything from singing, to voice acting, to any acting, and I yearn to start my career. My instagram is @glencoco_4life and my writing account on instagram is @bree.bewitching
Speaks: english
Hi just a girl trying new things. I usually tried to go for a writer or a thumbnail artist. Been thinking to try some voice acting but have no mic.
I am a Artist and Writer
Check my art in my insta:
Speaks: english
Portuguese voice actor, writer, translator and conlanger
I am a Voice Actor, Writer, Director, and Producer
About meMy name is Diogo, but you can call me Dio or Schneider, as you see fit.I am 18 years old and am currently a college student, studying Languages and Business Relations.I was born and raised in Porto, Portugal, where I still currently reside. It's a wonderful city which you should visit some day should you get the chance to!My interestsI am passionate about:Voice acting (as you might have guessed)Writing (I write fiction and sometimes articles)Translation (I love working with languages overall)Linguistics (I create conlangs and I am especially a fan of phonetics and phonology)I'd really love to one day have the opportunity to participate in a project that would allow me to share my voice with the world.Similarly, I one day wish to see my writing on the shelves. I have already finished my first work, titled Dispossessed, which I am translating into Portuguese.My voiceMy voice has...
New Voice Actor, Writer, artist, animator
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, and Writer
My name is Rayanne Marie Benavente and I am starting out my career as a va, writer, artist, and animator. I am based in Florida, but still will be able to work remote. I am in college right now, but I can be flexible towards putting my best work out there and finishing the job.
Speaks: english
Setup: audacity
Although i don't quite understand what I'm doing yet i appreciate anyone who gives me a chance thank you for you time
I am a Writer
I'm a young writer looking for something to do in my free time i love creating story's with lots of mystery's for the reader's to solve i also write some romance and fiction(-Note-Yes i don't mind including cursing into my writing! but please ask me 1st on what you think i should include or what you want in Your story i don't want to overstep someone's boundary)If your interested in just talking to me you can reach out to my discord:L0s3r_10
Voice Description: neutral
Beginner writer, looking for experience 
I am a Writer
I am a beginner writer looking for projects that will help me gain experienceI mainly specialize in world building and power systems, and I am currently developing my skills in character writing and dialogue my main inspirations for writing come from new gen animes like Hell's Paradise, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Undead Unluck, webcomics like UnOrdinary and Ordeal, and sometimes just the things I see around me
Always working hard!
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, and Writer
Hello there! I'm Alex. I am a beginner editor, aspiring voice actor, and writer. Hope you enjoy what I do!
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male adult
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