A small raccoon from outer space that has a love for art and learning VAing!!

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About EldritchRaccoon

Hi I am Arco or Nightmare! (He/they) I am a small digital artist that wants to become either a photographer or a voice actor, maybe both. I am learning to get comfortable with my voice. I was inspired to become a VA by Tehrouge, Mr.Amazing VA, and Audiospawn Sudzy Bubbles!

Fandoms that I am into!



-the furry fandom




- Indie horror games

- Slashers/Horror movies

Art Profolio: https://arcoportfolio.carrd.co/


VA: 10 USD

Art: Check My Carrd for Commission Prices

What EldritchRaccoon is looking for

Fun Projects and meeting new people!!

  • @dylanmacgyver

    They have a passion for VA and anyone would be lucky to have them on a project.