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Dearest artist,

Project ://Terra is a universe based in Science Fiction-Fantasy. To dissect what that means; The history and lore of this story is based on modern day scientific research to root it in reality, familiarity and empathy for the audience. Then we delve into the fictitious aspects that allow us more freedom to expand on that scientific research. Last, we create a world of fantasy that is based on the previous two genres, all building upon one another to bring forth, Terra.

This is a multimedia project, meaning we are looking to draw art talents from every genre and subclass. Illustrators, Editors, Musicians, Voice Actors are just to name a few. The culmination of this multimedia platform will be what I am calling an Immersive Audiobook. This means that the video we release will have a soundtrack, sound effects, art, voice acting and the like. Everything to make it feel like a movie or a show that an audience can truly fall in love with.

This project is currently unpaid. We will be looking into fundraising, sponsorship and donations later in the future, but I am a firm believer in earning my place before reaching a hand out for compensation. 

Our team is full of passionate artists of all walks of life and at different stages of life and craft. We are here to cultivate the absolute apex of what an Immersive Audiobook can be and hope that this interests you in joining our team and offering your talents to bring this world to life.

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    As a current talent on this team I can confidently say this a talented group we have here and a great place to audition if your serious about doing this and are hoping for something to jump start your career.