Dillon Wiggins

Dillon Wiggins

Now looking for backup VAs for Band Pride! Please audition if you can! https://www.castingcall.club/projects/band-pride-backup-vas

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About Dillon Wiggins

Hello, I am Dillon Wiggins!

I am a content creator/director with 10 years of experience. I always have the dream of becoming successfully known around the world by producing games, animation, music, and streams for people to enjoy. I also started voice acting around 2015. I have been playing the clarinet for 7 years. I'm not just creating content by "spreading the relish", I'm here to change people's lives!

Carrd website🥭: https://dillonwiggins.carrd.co/

Current projects:

Cowaboom: A Cow's Story - Paused for a while

Band Pride - Trailer in progress, looking for backup VAs!

More projects coming soon! 👀


I am open to any unpaid and paid projects!

For long-term projects, I'd specifically look for those that put a lot of effort into work and the director has a true passion for their project.

What Dillon Wiggins is looking for

I am in the search for more people to help out on my future projects, while I may find a project in CCC to voice for. I also want to build up my experience with other game developers around the world.

  • @kebunny

    Dillon is very chill to work with, understanding and accommodating to his staff. He also has a strong moral core and brings a lot of passion to his projects. I'm looking forward to continue working with him!