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YouTuber | Voice Actor | Flutist | They/Them | 26 | Script Writer | Audio and Video Editor*Anime and Video Game Nerd All the Way*
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, and Writer
Hi, I am Flute VA and I am a voice over artist. For YouTube, I had done voice impressions, comic dubs, and asmr for characters I enjoy voicing, along with writing scripts and editing my own videos. I am training to extend my vocal range to not only portray female characters, but also young male to teenage male characters. For now I'm interested in learning everything about voice over. My favorite so far are animation and video game work, but love to expand and grow some more.
My second channel is called Flute Hero and I perform flute cover music based on anime, games, film music and more. If you are interested in seeing my work, you can view both of my youtube channels for prior experience. Hope you enjoy and looking forward to working with you.
My character demo reel:

Flute VA:
I am a Voice Actor and Video Editor
Hi there! The name's Vari. I go by they/them pronouns and am currently a minor. VAing in a couple of productions, but a translyricist in a hell of a lot more. DM for samples. @vairirii on Discord if needed.
Speaks: hindi
Hello! I'm Natasha, a voice actor/ animator for hire! For my socials, you can take a look at my carrd:
I am a Voice Actor, Animator, Video Editor, Music Composer, Writer, and Director
ˋˏ ——๑.・。゚About Me.・。゚๑—— ˎˊ→ My online alias is Natasha Black, but you can also call me Natasha or Nettle→ 17 years old→ Female, she/her→ I’m a director, voice actor, animator, and writer/scripter
ˋˏ ——๑.・。゚VA Details.・。゚๑—— ˎˊ→ I’ve been voice acting for over three years; I started in October of 2020→ I am currently accepting requests→ I have a high - medium low voice range; medium or medium low is most comfortable for me, though→ I won’t be participating in any projects involving NSFW. Flirting or romance is fine with me, but if it gets too heated I am out.→ Minimal cursing is alright with me, but I’d prefer projects without it→ I record using a TONOR TC-777 microphone
ˋˏ ——๑.・。゚Animation Details.・。゚๑—— ˎˊ→ I've been animating for around three years; I started in December of 2020→ I am currently accepting requests→ I do 2D animations using Live2D
ˋˏ ——๑.・。゚Socials.・。゚๑—— ˎ...
Search all 916 video editor flute profiles