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The drawing mind, with a bit of shitpost grind
I am a Artist
Mastro fornaio di cazzate
Voice Description: male teen fandub product
Skills and Interests: russian english
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Producer
Hi people, I'm DoctorMike, I'm an independent machinima maker and avid graphics designer and hobbyist. My works are usually published on YouTube and Twitter, my works include the Russkies Trilogy, The Last Vance duology, and much more. My goal is to entertain my audience, and of course, their positive reactions also make me much happier and more motivated to keep delivering!
LoOmEm's Bump
I am a Voice Actor and Artist
I'm a newbie in voiceacting and would like to take a part in some indie projects like to vocalize a character in your animation/video/game.
I can make plenty of voices, some of them are: creeky for monsters, deep voice and many others.
Languages: English / Russian
Accents: russian
Voice actress, digital artist, youtuber, streamer, beginner video editor, simple VRoid model creator, Live2D ready-for-rig model creator. 22 yo ace female.
I am a Voice Actor and Artist
Artist | Voice Actress | Streamer | YouTuber | VTuber | Beginner Video Editor | VRoid model creator | Models for Live2D creatorI'd be enthusiastic and passionate about any project I'd be working on. I'd definitely share the game progress, info, posts on my social media. I'm able to to collaborate and communicate effectively with team members and clients. Specializing in digital art, voice acting, and beginner video editing.Skills:Digital Art: original art, item icons, emotes and badges, backgrounds, logos, character design, reference sheets, pets, VN CGs and sprites. Anime art style, semi realistic style , cursed or scary art style. Open and able to draw new things and different game assets. Acting: Female adult/teen voice. Can be high-pitched, child, baby, grandma voices. Have a slight Slavic or European accent, but can lean more into th...
Search all 417 artist russian english profiles