Voice actress, digital artist, youtuber, streamer, beginner video editor, simple VRoid model creator, Live2D ready-for-rig model creator. 22 yo ace female.

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About elizavtuber

Artist | Voice Actress | Streamer | YouTuber | VTuber | Beginner Video Editor | VRoid model creator | Models for Live2D creator

I'd be enthusiastic and passionate about any project I'd be working on. I'd definitely share the game progress, info, posts on my social media. I'm able to to collaborate and communicate effectively with team members and clients. Specializing in digital art, voice acting, and beginner video editing.


  • Digital Art: original art, item icons, emotes and badges, backgrounds, logos, character design, reference sheets, pets, VN CGs and sprites. Anime art style, semi realistic style , cursed or scary art style. Open and able to draw new things and different game assets. https://elizavtuber.wixsite.com/portfolio

  • Voice Acting: Female adult/teen voice. Can be high-pitched, child, baby, grandma voices. Have a slight Slavic or European accent, but can lean more into the Slavic part, if needed. Voice demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZAdznaZCm0

  • Beginner Video Editor: YT/insta/TikTok shorts, simple trailers, (comedic) stream highlights and gaming videos. YT channel: elizavtuber

  • VRoid and Live2D models(ready for rig, but not by me): examples are the bottom on https://elizavtuber.wixsite.com/portfolio moving models can be seen on my YT channel: elizavtuber


  • Digital Artist

    • Freelance work with various clients and game developers (2018-present)

  • Contributing Illustration Artist

    • Newport Zine (2021-present)

  • Voice Actress

    • Guardbro's Books: Emily Bronze and The Veil Riders series (2021-present)

      • Main roles: Vitka, Yoipua (high-pitched voices), multiple side characters with different voices

    • Currently providing voice acting services for an upcoming game in development

  • Twitch Streamer

    • Started streaming in 2020, building a dedicated community around art, yandere, and gaming content

  • Video Editor and Content Creator (2021-present)

  • Have fully made1 VRoid model and 2 Live2D models (without rig) 

My links: https://elizavtuber.carrd.co/#
love to hear about your project and would be honored to work on it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here, at [redacted], or discord: elizavtuber

No NSFW or discriminatory projects, please.