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About Jazz_Stewart

Well, it appears that you are lost because you found yourself eyeballing this page. Let us begin with introductions.

My name is Jazz Stewart and I am...well...I'm a lot of things.

I am an aspiring music composer with skills in multiple genres. I play multiple instruments and I am able to sing and rap at a reasonably high level. I am currently a college student but in High School, I was in multiple productions put on by my school's theater department including but not limited to, Lorraine Hansberry's "A Raisin in The Sun."

This year in March, I broke into the game development scene and started my indie game studio, "Team Ichigo LLC." Where I am hard at work developing my debut game, "Kids These Days" On this project, I am the director/writer, programmer, and music composer.

When it comes to my voice acting I specialize in medium to medium-low voices but I can portray a large array of personalities. I am always available for scouting do not hesitate to message me.

Thank you for reading and maybe consider leaving a follow before you go. :D

Thank you again.

  • @irisdragon

    Watch out for this up and coming creator cuz Jazz is more than a triple threat.
    Game developer, musician, rapper, artist, video editor, voice actor, director, and more, there’s very little that this powerhouse of talent can’t do. You’re lucky if you have him on your team.

    It’s been a pleasure working with Jazz on his game When the Flower Wilts.
    He is a humble director (most of the time), and works hard to create a family atmosphere among his team. I’m looking forward to seeing where this young man will share his wealth of skills. Be sure to check out his beta version of When the Flower Wilts and witness his talent for yourself.