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About Selected

I am a British voice actor however my British accent isn't as prominent as you would think and it has been said to me that it seems I almost don't have one but I do and I can make it more prominent I can also do other voice and accents and I'm happy to try any challenge thrown my way however bad the audition may be I know I don't for all characters but I will sure give it a go if I'm interested.

I usually work on games and animations or original work and usually don't do fan dubs but I will work on anything as long as I have a interest I doing 

feel free to message or get in touch with me on my discord Selected #4691 if you are interested in casting me or just want to talk and make new friends 

  • @sunshinedaisy

    We've been in several projects together as voice actors. He does a really great job with his lines! He's also friendly and easy to get along with. Committed and works fast, too.

  • @pumpking

    Selected is a talented and driven individual who I've had the pleasure of working alongside. He has great texture to his voice, and a real passion for his work. I'm yet to see a director have any trouble working with him, and he's even helped be get a couple of roles on top of that. I look forward to working with him again soon, and I wish him all the best in any future projects!

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    An active voice actor with a fast work pace. Give him a batch of lines, he'll get them done in a week. Maybe even less. His voice is also applicable to a bunch of different roles, from a grizzled and psychotic inmate living in the distant future to a seasoned and middle-aged medieval town guard. Not only that, but Selected also shows an interest in making friends with everyone involved in the project and certainly possesses a friendly personality. As of the time of this recommendations writing, we have been actively working together on a huge project for Fallout: New Vegas and he certainly has both the skills to see the project to its end, and the friendship of everyone involved. 100% Recommend.