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About Star Wars Audio Comics

We have mastered bringing to life comics over our five year run on YouTube. We pride ourselves on our company's quality in both visuals, sound effects, music, and the most important part: the voice actors.

  • @goldengoofy

    Despite only being on CastingCall since May, don't let his short term here fool you as Roy is one of the most professional directors I have met. Roy remains a professional at all times, and always made sure that I understood everything I needed to do, and how I can work certain lines to make them even better. And this is all without even mentioning the quality and brilliance of the videos he produces

    If you have been cast for a Krayt Dragon Films project, know you are in excellent hands

  • @deleted147820

    Krayt Dragon Films has been very fun to work with and an awesome director. I love watching what they produce in the end, and they have a great team of voice actors and audio engineers. I would definitely recommend them, as they are committed to what they do.

  • @timerunner

    I enjoyed taking part in the Star Wars comics for which I was cast. The projects are fun and I love being involved with bringing good Star Wars content to the internet.

  • @darthvaleria

    This guy does amazing jobs by making star wars comics more readable as he adds sound effects and gets talented voice actors for characters in any sw comics
    I wish his works gets better and better in the future even if his works now are the best

  • @deleted168829

    I love working with this guy. He's friendly, open to discuss, and helpful if I have problem during editing. He's trustworthy with his words. The point is, I don't feel disappointed while working on his project. Bless this dude!

  • @jmp

    I had a blast working for them on the Flight of the Falcon comic dub! The casting was excellent, communication and expectations were clear, and feedback was timely. Playing Mahjo Reeloo was one of my favourite roles yet, and I would work with them again in a heartbeat!

  • @domjam

    I have been voicing in Starwars audio comic for quite some time now and have enjoyed every opportunity I have had with them. The quality of the work is second to none, they are organised, good with communication and work in a professional manner. I look forword to future opportunities with starwars audio comics.

    They do a great service to the starwars fan community and I Highly recommend them.

  • @shouganai_senpai

    The Director, Robert A., was very organized and communicative. He made sure everything an actor had everything that was needed for such a fandub project, including access to the original comic panels as visual reference (which was especially helpful). Payment was provided as promised as well. I would definitely be glad to work with him again.

  • @domjam

    As a voice artist I have been working with this group for a long time and they never fail to disapoint there audince or people they take on board. Every production is very well made so you can expect quality in there work. They are clear with comunication, friendly and great to work with. It's a joy to continue to voice in there work and I Highly recommend them.


  • @austin-wayne

    I've worked with them on the directing side and as a voice talent. Hands down the most professional group I've run into on CCC.

  • @dancing_minstrel

    Star Wars Audio Comics provided clear goals and expectations for their projects. Additionally, they were in constant communication and provided input as well as answered any questions I might have had. Highly recommend working with them and hope I can contribute to their projects in the future.

  • @JenLewis

    Fun to work with, a lively team, with clear expectations and timely communication. Thank you for casting me and I hope to work with you again.

  • @mrjorgensen2001

    They're Pretty Good To Work With. Good Pay So Far. And Good Projects And Leadership. ;)