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Austin Wayne

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  Thanks for checking out my profile!

  I'm a semi-pro voice actor who can VO for almost any genre. From action hero, to quirky nerd, space alien, to a furry mouse, I'd appreciate the opportunity to audition and possibly work with you!

  Once again, thanks for checking out my profile, and God bless!

                                                                                                 Austin Wayne

  • @theuncertainman

    Austin was friendly and patient, and provided me with the finished script in a timely fashion.
    I look forward to working with him again!

  • @beyondschool

    Austin was extremely professional and easy to work with. Great casting experience!

  • @gemma

    Austin Wayne has provided a great voice for the senior Han Solo from The Force Awakens in my parody animation “Star Wars: Dad Jokes” his voice is rough, gravelly and a fantastic accurate depiction of the beloved smuggler. I highly recommend his voice for future projects.

  • @princessmchi

    Amazing voice acting talent, extremely cooperative, and overall very nice to work alongside!

  • @james1989

    Austin is the man to work with! Nice guy, talented, professional, communicative, passionate and easy to work with. It's hard to pass this guy up! I really look forward to working with him more often. HIGHLY recommend him for anybody looking for some real talent ;)

  • @star-wars-audio-comics

    Austin has voiced several characters in our productions of Star Wars comic dubs, from Jedi Knights to scheming politicians, and even the legendary Kanan Jarrus himself. He always submits quality recordings in a timely manner, and I will always welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future. I can't recommend him highly enough!

  • @slightlyinsulting

    Very professional and motivated, gave the lines within days of getting the script and overall puts passion into whatever character he's playing. Great voice actor!

  • @theomega360

    This dudes got skill and range. He auditioned for several characters in my Transformers Devastation dub (that sadly never saw the light of day), Starscream and Sideswipe in particular, and he nailed them! I would highly recommend him for any future projects, this man is pro level good.

  • @crossbow

    Austin worked quickly to provide a high-quality recording. A talented voice-over artist. Well done!