Darien Hamilton-Thompson

Darien Hamilton-Thompson

An Singing actress

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About Darien Hamilton-Thompson

Hi! My name is Darien! 27 year old lady with a love and passion for the arts!

Graduate of Algonquin College Performing Arts Program 2016

Classical vocal training 5 and a half years

Done plays throughout elementary and high school along with learning character development

Canadian born and raised

BG3 fan 2023

Character Voice Actor

What Darien Hamilton-Thompson is looking for

Joined Casting Club to gain experience! You have to start Somewhere :)

  • @smashmaster

    Darien gave a phenomenal performance as Sherry LeBlanc for my Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Manga Dub! She has an incredible range and nailed the delivery of her lines.
    She has also voiced Juri for my Street Fighter 6 Comic Dub! Hire her for your projects! 

  • @deyoku

    I would say Darien has room for more experience, but she is swift in completing her tasks, learns from mistakes, listens to what you say and overall voice acts well. We, directors, should be really happy to have such people as Darien, auditioning for our projects. If you cast her, prepare to have someone on board who is hard working and sets the mood in the team towards positive direction. 

  • @Origin-Productions

    Darien auditioned to play a major player in DOCTOR WHO: Undone, having worked with her, it is clear to me that she is a very talented VA, having done two takes of the character in the duration of our projects production. Darien is also very friendly, kind and professional outside of VAing. 

    I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone.