If you are interested in working with me my email is [email protected] or add me on Discord!

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About shattersoflight

  1. Hello to reach me just send me a Private Message and I will get back to you ASAP. Or if you'd like you can e-mail me or just send me a friend request on Discord.

  2. I have an ATR 2500 and Blue Yeti X microphone, the recording software I currently use is Audacity.

For editing videos, I currently use DaVinci Revolve or Pinnacle Studio 25.

  • @zeruko_prime

    She's an amazing person, very easy to work with, Nice and she has range for sure. Get things done in a timely manner and comes in clutch when you need her I know that because she pulled through for me 😅. I would recommend hiring her, what more can  I say she's just outstanding. Hope we can continue to work together and to see you on more projects because you got my support

  • @MonkeyChat

    I just worked with ShattersOfLight on a project and even with short noticed and no context lines she did a great job! Very professional and very talented!

  • @elithecomicdubber

    ShattersofLight helped voice tails in some comic dubs I was making and She Did Amazing! I don’t know how she does it! And I’ve heard her other voices she can pull off as well! She’s a amazing VA and I totally recommend her to you!

  • @theluckyderp

    Shattersoflight has done an amazing job voicing Damian Wayne Robin in my Comic dubs, handing in lines in such a great and timely manner, im definitely looking forward to working with them more. truly an asset to any project 

  • @briceisrice

    ShattersofLight voiced Princess Peach for my Smash Bros Brawl project.

    She delivered her lines quickly and effectively, and was more than happy to do retakes, which she took my feedback on and delivered exactly what I was looking for! Definitely recommend! 

  • @Maudelin

    I managed Shattersoflight in a recent project of mine and to sum up my experience with a quote: "It's hard to overstate my satisfaction."

    She's super sweet and has a great attitude, not to mention her incredible vocal range and quick understanding of direction. Very interesting person and I look forward to working with them in the future, and you should too!

  • @aurelio

    I've worked on projects with and alongside Shatters, and her voice over abilities are really strong! She has great acting and emotion, and turns her lines in before the deadline to allow for any retakes! She has great vocal range, being able to voice all sorts of characters, even very convincing old ladies! 

  • @bricks_ahoy

    Shattersoflight did an amazing job voicing Catwoman in one of the episodes of my Batman series, she's really easy to work with and is very professional! I highly recommend working with her

  • @vellamour

    I've worked with Shattersoflight on the Lighthouse Anthology Inuyasha Dub as a fellow voice actor and as the assistant producer/audio engineer. Her voice lines were always delivered on time and were of good quality. Plus she is just a sweet person to get to know. :)

  • @skul

    Was incredibly professional, able to meet deadlines quickly, and most of all, VERY talented!

  • @hungryheracross

    Shatters is very professional when submitting her work and is a fantastic performer as well, with great range and emotion, and a overall good person to talk to, I definitely recommend her for any of your projects!

  • @amandapanda1099

    They did a wonderful job voicing an extra character I needed for one of my comic dubs. They got the lines in quick, and efficiently as well. I cannot recommend them enough for one of your projects.