Mayito Brito VA (The Fried Voices)

Mayito Brito VA (The Fried Voices)

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About Mayito Brito VA (The Fried Voices)

Hi guys! My name is Mayito Brito. You may also know me as The Fried Voices. A fresh start from the top.

Born: June 24, 2002

Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them

Skills: Animation, Artist, Gaming, Music, Voice Acting, Director

Characters I Can Voice: Sonic, Adventure Time, Super Mario, Creatures

Projects I accept for: Free Projects from main friends I know.

I don’t accept random server invites on Discord from users I don’t know, especially random friend requests. I only accept Voice Project servers from friends I know and worked with me and with them.

If you ever need a voice, Let me know.

  • @dreamdragonyx

    As one fellow youtuber to another, I would really like to work with this person on more animations and provide voice acting.

  • @abdallah-likes-sonic

    He has an awesome channel on YouTube and is an amazing voice actor!

  • @izzytheassassin

    Mayito is a really good guy and loves what he dose and most of all is great when it comes to Sonic voices

  • @shadow18

    I have provided voice work for Mayito he's has been a fantastic director, his skills with making videos are more then AWESOME working for Mayito Brito has been more then a Honor and I hope to work with him more in the future. To top that off he's also a great Voice Actor and a fantastic friend.