Sean F Acts

Sean F Acts

Young Adult Australian Voice Actor with wide range of accents and lover of anime and video games!

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Sydney Theatre School - 2018

Advanced Diploma Acting Stage and Screen

Instructed by Multiple

Full time 3 year course graduated in 2018 acting for stage plays and screen. 


mid range pricing per Voice over Guide $3 per line or $0.20 per word

What Sean F Acts is looking for

Original Material, Video Games, Original Animation and Narrative Podcasts! Alternatively, anything that will tell a great story.

  • @dwduck

    Sean was extremely fast in getting his lines in, and gave me several varied takes to work with. I look forward to working with him again on future projects.

  • @LaurenceKnott

    I had the pleasure of working with Sean on Venomous Duck Media's Gareth and the Lost Island, in which Sean played the role of Professor Duolingo. Sean is not only capable of performing a range of different voices, but does so with great depth to the characters and an excellent delivery of emotion where necessary. A pleasure to work alongside!

  • @PeteMcVoices

    Whilst working with Sean F Acts on Venomous Duck Media's "Gareth and the Lost Island" I can really hear the passion he puts into his acting. He was great to act alongside, and I'd highly recommend him as a talented voice actor.

  • @Jmv_cyber

    I had the pleasure of working with Sean on Gareth and the Lost Island from Venomous Duck Media, where he played various characters, including my favorite; Professor Duolingo - think Heimerdinger form League of Legends, but pitched a bit lower and with the "crazy" toned down ;)
    Anyway, Sean is quick on handing in recorded lines and in excellent quality and I can't wait to hear what other projects he becomes part of.