Audiobook narrator, YouTube narrator and voice-actor looking for interesting roles.

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About PeteMcVoices

Pete has been working as a voice artist since 2022 and have several audiobook credits on audible to his name, and has completed several commercial and character projects on freelance sites. He is voicing a couple of YouTube channels and since joining Equity he is looking to broaden his repertoire here. As a gamer he'd love to work on games, animation, and audio dramas.

Prior to this he's taught English Language, Literature, Film Studies, Communication Studies, Media Studies and has a good working knowledge of film and audio editing. Demos available to listen to at + &

Voiceover Masterclass - 2022


Instructed by Peter Baker

A great course that set me up to sucessfully audition for audiobooks through ACX. This course helped me land my first audiobook.

Voiceover Masterclass - 2022

Voice Acting & Character Voices for Video Games & Animations

Instructed by Peter Baker

A fascinating course that gave me valuable insights into developing my skills and range as a voice actor.

Voiceover Masterclass - 2022

Voice-over marketing. Get more voice-over jobs in less time!

Instructed by Peter Baker

A great course that goes into the various websites that are open to freelancers, and how to chase down work, rather than hope to get asked to audition.

King's College, University of London - 1999

BA English Language & Literature

Instructed by Professor Richard Proudfoot

My English degree stood me in good stead for gaining experience in understanding a wide range of literary texts and understanding how linguistics influences the use of language.

Voiceover Masterclass - 2022

Adobe Audition Course - Audio Production for Voiceovers

Instructed by Peter Baker

An excellent course that helped me improve my skills using my DAW, and it was designed for voice actors, not music producers.

Voiceover Coach UK - 2023

Voiceover Coaching

Instructed by Jude Vause-Walsh

I did an upskilling voiceover course with Jude, it was real eye opener. At the end of the course I decided to get my two main Demos refreshed. I'm really glad I did, they're now so much better!


My basic voiceover rates are 125 words for $5. (125 words is an average delivery for one minute's speech.)

Rates for audiobook narration are different, with $150 per finished hour being a typical fee.

My rates for Indie projects are more flexible.

What PeteMcVoices is looking for

I'm looking to diversify and do some more short form narration: I'm keen to try more character work in games and audio dramas. I'd like to diversify my VO portfolio, which has been more Corporate Explainer, YouTube and audiobook narration based so far. 

  • @dwduck

    Pete was a real joy to work with, and has THE perfect narrator voice. I couldn't recommend him more if you are looking to add gravitas to the narration of your project. On top of being a great voice actor, his work ethic was top notch with his parts turned in much quicker than expected. I am very much looking forward to working with Pete on future projects.

  • @sean-f-acts

    Pete is an incredibly talented and generous artist, a pleasure to work with. He blew me away with his performance in Gareth and the Lost Island and I can't wait to hear more from him. 

  • @LaurenceKnott

    Pete is an astounding voice over artist that I cannot recommend enough. It was a joy to work alongside Pete on Venomous Duck Media's Gareth and the Lost Island audio drama. Pete has an ideal, clear and strong voice for narration but the talent does not end there! Pete excels not only in the field of narration, but also in portraying characters in a believable and lively manner, and is a joy to work alongside due to his passion, kindness, critical thinking and charisma. 

  • @orangejuice_119

    Listening to his voice when narrating, it's smooth like butter and nice to sleep to

  • @Jmv_cyber

    I've had the pleasure to work with Pete on the "Gareth and the Lost Island" audio drama by Venomous Duck Media. Pete sports a perfect voice for narration and I could spend hours listening to what-ever he narrates. He also has a very broad repertoire of voices and accents; I especially love his take on the character Yanlith Granitestaff.

    Hats off to ya' Pete!