Up-and-coming voice actor looking for work!

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My name is Jeff, I'm 37, born/raised/live in Denmark and I'm here to voice act! I mostly do voices for video games, but I've dabbled into voices for machinamas and audiobooks and I'm looking to expand, grow and learn in multiple fields.

Feel free to hit me up if you think my voice would fit your project!

Best regards

 - Jeff


Negotiable, as long as you don't rip me off :D

What Jmv_cyber is looking for

I'm always looking to learn, grow and expand my range as a voice actor. I'm up for basically any sort of project where my voice can be used, though I will save the right to say no if I believe the project is unethical or in other way "wrong".

  • @PeteMcVoices

    I had the pleasure of working with Jeff on Venomous Duck Media's production of Gareth and the Lost Island. Jeff is a great character actor, very versatile and a totally engaged in the project. I'd really recommend this warm character actor.