I bang pots together for money

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Greetings from the Desk of Magus Serling,

Kidding. I'm Kennedy Phillips. I love Sound. I make noises with props, with computers, and even with my Face Hole. I truly hope some of the noises I boom off into the endless void  that is the internet tickles your fancy.  I've directed over Five Hours of radio drama work, as well as provided sound for dozens of Feature Length and Short Films.

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Chapman University - 2013

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M.F.A. Film Production, Editing and Sound Design Emphasis

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    It's funny because I encountered Magus before I even posted the role he got through his own podcast! And I'm beyond happy to have him as a part of ours in probably the most uniquely terrifying role I've cast so far. I recorded with him in session and he positively freaked me out with his Nosferatu-esque character.