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About RaphPatch

I'm Raphael Pacheco, a writer, filmmaker, and co-founder of . We're an independent production company creating content for a small but growing audience. 

Our mission is simple: To tell stories, by any medium necessary. 

We are passionate about storytelling and art in general, and are always striving to tell compelling stories with strong craftsmanship and design. 

I am available professionally as a freelance writer, video editor, sound mixer, and videographer. See the links below for demo reels and contact information! 




DISCORD: raphpatch

Closing Credits - 2021

Audio Engineering

Instructed by Tony Wijs

Trained in sound mixing and engineering. 

  • @jetfalco

    I've just started working with Raphael and Loryn on a recent project and I just have to reach out and leave a good word or two. I've worked with hundreds of different teams and been directed by plenty of people in my short career as a voice actor. I've even directed a show of my own. I can safely say that Raph's core team are some of the most professional, straightforward, high-quality, and all-around best people you can work with in the industry today.

  • @katabelle

    Raph is an amazing content creator & director. Great direction, professional and above all a good friend! Thank you, Raph for casting me for your project ♪

  • @mildhot-sauce

    Raphpatch is the greatest director I've had yet! Excellent live directing. For 3 seperate characters! A incredible experience. Can't wait to work with them more! 

  • @scuffle2423

    Raphael is an amazing person to work with. Not only have our conversations always been pleasant but he made me feel energised and excited during our recordings. His feedback is constructive and I hope to work with him again sometime soon!