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About Scuffle2423

Hi there!

My name is Sophie (aka Scuffle). I'm twenty-two years old and I've been voice acting since July 2019. I'm also a producer and casting director for TSCStudio and Dark Times Studio.

I've always loved acting and being creative. Since I was in elementary school I have taken singing and musical classes, and have discovered this passion still remains true today. That's why I always try to put in 100% of my effort to really create something that both me, the project creator and the viewers will love. 

I am natively Dutch, but I've gotten very skilled at mastering the English language. Sometimes people even mistake me for being American!

I'm here to have fun, keep improving and expanding my creativity. I can't wait to see what the future brings me.



My current pricing per line is € 0,10 per word. Payment is accepted via Paypal.

What Scuffle2423 is looking for

I am very passionate when it comes to voice acting.  I still have a couple goals I would like to be able to cross off one day. Some of those being; voicing in a game, an animated series or perhaps an audiobook. CCC has really granted me the opportunity to get myself out there. Both to meet new people to work with and also to keep doing what I love.

  • @braigar

    Scuffle took upon herself a leading role of a character that had already been played a few times and made it her own while staying true to the character. She is wonderful and fun to work. Willing to try and push to get the best result. highly recommended!

  • @deleted76229

    Sophie is an amazing voice actress which frankly, deserves much more recognition than she gets, I really regret casting her as a smaller role and hope to have her as a main character for a future project! :)

  • @0n3appl3

    Everyone needs to draw their attention to Scuffle. Her audition for Red Tears was outstanding, and I knew for sure that I would cast her. She was able to get the job done quickly with zero hassle, and it was simply fun to work with her. Highly recommended!

  • @karsten

    She's everything you want from a voice actor: eager, quick to respond, super friendly, and of course gives an amazing performance! All around a great person to work with.

  • @stealthobject29

    Scuffle is a great friend and an even better VA working with her is a breeze and she's always willing to improve her craft.

  • @ipodgirl206

    I casted her in a series of mine called 'Snowed in' and her work is phenomenal. She really brought life to her character and not once was I disappointed. I would a thousand percent recommend her for your projects!

  • @cleaned120480

    Scuffle is quite the rising star with huge potential to make it BIG in the industry. Her kindness is through-the-roof, her organization is stellar, her quality is *chef's kiss*, her work ethic is outstanding, and don't even get me started on her talent!

    I reached out to Scuffle many months ago for a role in my project and I must say, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! There was never once an issue with Scuffle, as she is very easy to work with and always delivers on time and with care. It's been quite the pleasure working with her, and I can't wait to see what she does next!

  • @slightlyinsulting

    She is fantastic in literally any role you give her, always reliable, and always consistently great, Scuffle is not a VA you have as an extra she is a main character through and through, extremely talented and always looking for ways to improve her already impressive talents

  • @vgmovies

    One of the most reliable voice actor's we've worked with. Not only does she send her lines on time, but her performances are always outstanding. Very friendly and open to feedback.
    Great person to work with, highly recommended!

  • @ianimation

    Scuffle is a person who was introduced to me by someone with the nickname DuckyProduction, my old friend. when I ask for the main position voice actor for my project to Ducky, Ducky introduced some of the people that he know can help me, one of them is Scuffle herself. then I contact some of them, none of reply to my dms, except Scuffle. I'm very glad she did the part that  I ask, and she did awesome work as well. I really appreciate her voice acting and the work that she put on every line that she voiced.

  • @qutejakey

    Scuffle is a versatile, dedicated, passionate voice actress. You can tell she really put in time and effort to perfect the role that is given to her, and she does it with love and care. If you are looking for someone to bring a character to life, Scuffle is definitely the voice actress to look for!

  • @nick-the-skeleton

    Scuffle Is an amazing and incredibly talented voice actress, I have been amazed by how she brings every character and their different personalities to life for all the characters she has voiced for me You can tell the Incredible amount of effort and time she put into Voice acting she's very kind and open-minded and Passionate I would highly recommend her if you're ever looking for a voice actor!

  • @wazzysolo

    Scuffle is an incredibly talented voice actress! She puts so much effort and passion into her lines, and she's really good at understanding how a character is supposed to feel in every scene. I loved working with her, she did an awesome job and I'm really happy I cast her! I highly recommend anyone to cast her as she will impress you with her performances. 

  • @raphpatch

    Sophie is a class act VA! I've now had the pleasure of directing her in major roles on multiple productions. She is always fun to work with, takes direction well, invests herself in the story, and gives her utmost to every single character, on top of just having a stellar vocal quality and natural charisma. She's a wonderful and talented addition to any cast. 

  • @kitkatgalaxy

    Scuffle is one of my favourite voice actresses to work with. I've had the honour of having her in my casts for many years, and with every new role, minor or lead, she gives it her all. She's reliable, talented and passionate about the projects she takes part in. It's always a joy to work with her! 

  • @alstar

    I have hired her to be a part of the When Lovers Meet Minecraft Series and she is the most amazing voice actress I have ever worked with! I definitely recommend working with her! She is one of the nicest people I've met, the most respectful person I've met!

  • @peytinkofficial

    Honestly all i have to say about scuffle is that she is incredibly talented! I had her on 2 of my projects one was canceled but even the voice acting she did for it was spot on! The recent project shes on weve recently started and once again it doesnt even feel like she is acting its incredible, ive had a blast working with her, and still am! Shes super kind and talented and I recommend her to anyone who needs a voice actress for a project :)